Tales of a Priest

I’ve got to say – I completely enjoyed levelling a Discipline Priest.

I transferred Avienith to Deathwing to give Mina heirlooms. At that point, she sat there at level 10 until the 6th of this month when I decided to pick her up again. Today, I reached 85.


I’m surprised it went as quickly as it did. I haven’t managed to “grasp” Shadow yet, so once I got in to Wrath levels and had to quest for efficient levelling, it was a little interesting to have to kill quest mobs in Disc spec.

This was multiplied once I reached Cata, but I took a slightly different approach to questing on this toon. Because Mina can get the head enchant, I was able to hit my beloved Vash’jir when I hit 80. It made me SO HAPPY to not have to go through Hyjal. I still moved on to Deepholm at 82, but I completely finished that zone before I moved on, which took me about halfway through 83.  In Uldum, I only did the Harrison Jones questline so that I could open up the dungeon quests in Halls of Origination. I didn’t do any of the level 82 dungeons until this point. Shortly in to 84, I finished there and headed to Twilight Highlands.

Dungeon quests and Crucible of Carnage saved me a lot of trouble in Highlands. Things don’t die nearly as fast as on my shamans, so all the “kill things” quests took a little bit longer, but I still managed. At least I wasn’t *dying* because I was healing myself the whole time – go atonement! 😉

Now the real fun: time to see if I can manage healing on the priest at max level. Let the games begin!

Do you have any advice for a newbie Disc healer? If you do, please let me know!


The Wee Goblin

My journey in to Horde is progressing well. Yesterday I was able to transfer a toon from Lightbringer and sent over a set of heirlooms. It’s all cloth, because I can use that both for my shaman and for the priest that I transferred and will level once I finally get Mina to 85. But experience boosts are experience boosts, right? 🙂

I’m mainly running dungeons at this point. I’ve tried questing, but I’m feeling extremely lost not being on Alliance. It seems painfully slow to be questing when I’m not sure how to get where I’m supposed to go! haha So once I got to level 30, I dual specced Mina in to Resto so that I could get faster queues and I can just level mostly via dungeons. I have never played a resto shaman at such a low level, and let me tell you – it’s kind of odd to only have healing wave. No HoT, no AoE… Thank goodness for Earth Shield!

So I’m up to level 36 with Mina now. That’s 11 levels since yesterday, so we’re moving along nicely. 🙂 Time to queue again and keep this moving!

A Priest is Born

So, this great dude on Twitter (hai Rob!) decided that he was going to roll an elemental shaman. He asked if I would roll a new toon and level with him – but of course!

But then the dilemma hit: What on earth would I play?

I’ve already got my two elemental shamans. I have a max level hunter and druid, both which are really more “profession” toons, because I never really got good enough at them to do any sort of heroics/raiding/etc. I have a mage who is stuck in the mid-sixties levels, because – I don’t know, she’s kinda fun but I guess I haven’t quite got the feel for her yet. I am kind of intrigued by my warlock, but I was levelling her with my Wolfe, so she’s sort of on hold right now until he is able to play again.

Ultimately, I decided to roll a priest. Now, this could go really well, or not so much. I have made (and deleted) priests before, though admittedly that was a while ago. The last priest I deleted, I didn’t want to bother re-learning when the talent trees changed, and wanted an extra spot for something (a failed rogue experiment). Could things go different now?

Today Meilanith, a Night Elf priest, started her journey in to the world. If nothing else, it will be interesting! She’s equipped with an heirloom staff and trinket for now – nothing with an experience boost because my levelling partner is starting off without any heirlooms. I look forward to seeing how her story unfolds! 🙂

On LFR, Raids, and Life

Well, it’s been kind of an “all over the place” sort of week for me. Where to begin! I guess we’ll take it one step at a time.

Looking for raid. I’ve had a little bit of a love-hate relationship with this lately. I have been trying to take Maeve through it, in the hopes of upping some of her lower items so that she might be able to get in to the pug Dragon Soul raids offered in trade chat. At ilvl 387, she’s not exactly a prime candidate for people to choose – which is unfortunate, because given that she is the same spec as my main, I *know* what I’m doing in these exact same encounters for this exact toon. I don’t say this in any sort of a boasting manner, because I’m well aware that there are folks who are much better than myself, but for her gear level I’m sure she can outperform many who are playing alts that may have a higher item level but are not as familiar with that alternate class. I know Maeve like the back of my hand, because she’s a direct mirror of Avi. Just lesser gear. I’m really hoping that I can get her moving soon, but after 3 weeks of full LFR clears and not a *single* piece of loot to help move her score in the right direction, it is getting a little frustrating.

I haven’t done much LFR for Avi until recently, because there’s just no gear that I need out of there. But when I decided to try healing, it was a great place to jump in to. It has been a learning experience, and also gave me a new trinket yesterday. So there’s a bonus, I suppose! But it sure would be nice if any of those Rathraks that drop when I’m in there would ever drop for Maeve. 😉

Friday night also meant raid time for me. I had been looking forward to doing this all week – nothing like some good dead bosses to really kick things up a notch! I was a little concerned when I logged in that we weren’t going to have enough people online to actually go ahead with raid. But, luckily, things came together just in time. We had one or two “backups” who lack experience or similar gear level, but that’s okay! And it really, really was. We still managed to knock out another Heroic Zon’ozz kill, which was astounding to me. That boss is definitely an example of “it’s either right, or it’s WRONG”, in my experience. There is absolutely no room for error there, unlike some other fights. We can wipe early and painfully on Zon’ozz for enough attempts that we start wondering if we should just skip it – and then on our next (“last?”) attempt, he dies. It’s baffling, really. I won’t complain, he is still dead, after all. 🙂 But it’s just strange. Made for a good raid night, though. Being able to get through our 5/8 Heroic bosses, even with people in raid who had never seen fights like Zon’ozz or Ultraxion on heroic difficulty, felt amazing.

And finally, just a little personal thing that is one of the reasons I haven’t posted in a few days… The other day, I finally received a letter from my Wolfe who is away at Basic. I knew he had sent it, because he had managed a few moments to email me a little while back, and I’ve even had a lucky 5 minutes on the phone with him once since he’s been gone – a very long 5 and a half weeks so far. The notebook I’ve been writing “to him” in daily is getting filled quite quickly, so knowing how precious his time is, I sat down immediately and wrote a simple one-page letter back. I tucked in a few things that I’d printed off from Tumblr that I thought he would find amusing, and rushed to the post office to get it sent out right away. He can read my daily ‘notes’ to him when he’s done and has more free time. What’s important is that I finally got to write back to him. He wasn’t given the address before he left, so I’d been waiting all this time to be able to do that.

I’m looking forward to a weekend with possibly some more D3, and hopefully more raiding. I got my feet wet in D3’s Nightmare mode today – not very far, but I thought I might as well give it a shot. I haven’t played since I finished Normal, figuring that it would probably be difficult for me to get much further. But hey, I have the game, I might as well try! The inspiration from knowing that the Team Squishy crew was making progress in Inferno mode was a big part of this decision. I wish them the best of luck, and maybe one day I’ll get to that level! :p WoW raid schedule for tomorrow has us facing off against Heroic Warmaster, and I have my fingers crossed that we get the attendance to actually put some work in on him. If not, I’m sure some of the casuals/backups will enjoy a shot at a few normal boss kills and the loot they might be able to use from that. 🙂

A Healing Adventure

As you can tell, I am always a caster. I healed in EQ2, and found it too stressful. I’ve been playing casters-only (well, except for my brief Hunter-tryout) for the last … 4 years or so. I’ve always *had* a resto off-spec, but aside from things like Dreamwalker back during Wrath days – and one night of too much wine when I decided to heal an ICC 10m and actually did fine lol – I never use it.

However, I’ve picked up some off-spec gear from raids, because we’ve pretty much geared everyone’s main specs with 397 level loot. That means that I have two pieces of resto tier. I also have a Maw of the Dragonlord and a Seal of the Seven Signs. When I decided that I would actually try healing an LFR, I picked up a Reflection of the Light from the vendor (something to spend Valor Points on, yay!). I have spirit on most of my gear, but the extra from the trinket with an easy use-effect seemed like a good idea for now.

Yesterday, I went through both halves of LFR as a healer to see how it felt. I queued with two other healing guildmates, just in case I was *terrible* they would at least be there backing me up. I actually came out ahead! Hey, this isn’t so bad! Once the LFR was done, they swapped toons – one to his DK tank, the other to her priest – so we could queue for a random heroic and see how it felt in a smaller group. Things went fairly well, but I was still a little wary of over-stating my capabilities when my tank is fully raid geared. 😉

Today, however, I bucked up and waited until I saw the healer bonus for queue. If I was going to go in alone, I was going to get one of those darn satchels if we made it through! And so I did it. And you know what? It wasn’t terrible. I actually did fine, nobody died, and it was fairly painless. I think I’ll be okay to do this more often.

I give tons of credit to my buddy Elliaana, who is our main raiding resto shammy, for giving me the inspiration to even try it. The faith from her and her hubby (the aforementioned DK who put his life in my hands lol) led me down this road, when the idea of me healing anything sent everyone else – namely now-reunited guildies from back in Wrath days with Dark Legacy – in to fits of laughter. I was laughing along with them, so no ill-will or anything, don’t get me wrong. But I’m glad I decided to try it now.

Especially for those Satchels of Exotic Mysteries. I plan to get a lot more of those! 🙂

Avi’s New Transmog

In honour of my acquisition of the Heroic Ward of the Red Widow, I made a new transmog set. I’ve been running around in a slightly incomplete version of it, with placeholder gloves, until today when the right ones finally dropped. So today, I figured I would share it with you!

While obviously the easy solution would have been to transmog the shield to fit my last outfit (which I quite enjoyed), it was time for a change and this was the perfect reason for it. Allow me to present my “Tribute to Heroic Ward” Transmog Set.


One of the really neat things I noticed about this after the fact was how this particular shield works with Power Torrent.  I am constantly disappointed with the fact that PT shows up on top of transmog weapons – it really ruins the look of the weapon itself, and I hope that upcoming enchants don’t feature the same sort of visual effect. At any rate, the little orbs on Heroic Ward give off a kind of rotating orange/pink type glow.  So looking at my character from behind, the glow of the shield tends to “match” the glow from PT.

The simplicity of this outfit is one of the things I like about it. It feels basic and elegant, to me, when I see Avi wearing it. And it was high time for a new outfit anyway! 😉


Shoulders: Spiked Chain Shoulder Pads

Chest: Furious Gladiator’s Ringmail Armor

Hands: Lightning-Charged Gloves

Belt: Blue Belt of Chaos

Weapon: Morningstar of Heroic Will (H)

Shield: Ward of the Red Widow (H)

~Chest and back hidden. Feet and legs are not altered due to not being visible in my robe.

What’s your “niche”?

Do you like to tank? Heal? DPS? Are you melee or ranged? Or are comfortable across the board, whatever the group calls for?

Me, I’m a DPS – specifically ranged DPS, and hybrids at that. EQ2, WoW, SWTOR – all the same comfort zone. And in WoW, my *particular* niche is with Elemental Shamans.

I have a couple 85s. On Lightbringer alone, I have a hunter, a druid, and two shammies. I’ve got a BC level mage, and an in progress warlock. I have a shadow priest that “died” around level 38 cause I lost interest. I even optimistically started a Paladin, though she’ll have to be a healer (I’m SO not melee or tank), and I’m not sure I’ll be able to level her to that point.

But it’s the two Elementals that I *love* to pay. That’s where I come home, and it’s why the random toons I have scattered across other friend’s servers are *also* near max and/or max level Ele’s.

I’ve never had the same enjoyment out of any other class. My hunter comes a close second because I really do enjoy the pet system. It adds a separate level to the character, to me, and it’s *fun*. But the play of the class itself? Not so much.

Elemental shaman, however, is pure fun no matter what. I like to kill things. I like my totems (screwy fire totem AI notwithstanding). I like my lightning shield. I like being able to toss a Healing Rain when extra aoe heals will be appreciated. I like spamming Chain Lightning on trash packs. I like it ALL.

It’s just pure-and-simple good times for me. It is my ultimate niche. Do I ever wish I was one of the “high priority” classes? Sure I do. Do I wish that some people didn’t think “Elemental Shamans? Who needs ’em.” Of course. But it has never swayed me from my main.

I came in to WoW ‘late.’ I started playing when ICC was already out – hence Avi being unchanged since her appearance as my first ever WoW toon. My first love, my favourite toon, my always Main. That is Avi.

Maeve was originally Horde, started because an old BF raided mainly on his Horde toon on a different server, and the raid schedule was compatible with my current one so I levelled over there to raid with them. After that didn’t work out, I didn’t feel like I could abandon her, so I added some realID friends from that guild and faction/server transferred her to LB.

(current incarnation – she is set to become a panda when MoP hits!)

And I’ve gotta say, I *love* having two ele shammies on “my” server. Avi is my main progression raider. She’s the one that is there for every guild raid, getting all the improvements first, etc. But Maeve isn’t entirely too far behind because I LIKE to play her. I’ll actually DO LFR runs, because she can use the gear. People want to go back to Firelands for legendary staff stuff? Maeve would enjoy the achievements. She gives me an extra dimension of play that I wasn’t sold on doing with my other 85s, because I simply don’t like playing them as much as I do a shammy.

So where do you slot in with your WoW experience? And what makes your particular preference(s) enjoyable for you?