An Alt Problem

It’s no big secret that I like to level toons. I have a fairly substantial list of 90s (granted, not nearly as many as some folks!), and I don’t particularly do a whole lot of serious end-game things. I’m slowly plodding through my legendary cloak on Nisa – a process that would be much faster if Secrets would actually DROP for me, but still – I’m trying! 🙂

My most recent 90, Dani, is a second monk for me. Seems easier than paying for the server transfers! haha I always have that moment of “thank goodness that’s done!” when a character finally reaches max level, and yet soon I start itching to do it again. I’m pretty sure it’s a sickness of some sort.

I’m currently working on what I hope to be my first ever max Paladin. I’ve started them before, but much the same as with Death Knights, they just never stuck. I would end up abandoning/deleting them, the poor little souls. Lessa, I hope, will stick around. Considering I have her at level 55 now, complete with mining and engineering ready to hit Outland, it’s looking good so far. This is the farthest I’ve made it with a Paladin, so finger’s crossed! Not only will this be my first Paladin, but it will also end up being my first of those two professions.

I wish I could make a legitimate living out of getting toons to max level – even with the annoying repetition of zones, I still come back to it day after day. And I’ll be doing it again soon, make no mistake about that! 😉

The Heirloom Conundrum

As I’m plugging away at levelling Danicarith (“Dani” – my second monk) I’ve run in to a very interesting thing.

I upgraded a couple of the older heirlooms, the chest and weapon, so they last up to level 85. As this means the XP bonus is effective up to 86, I’m wearing even more heirlooms than before now that I’ve headed off in to Pandaria (well, I snagged a new staff pretty quick, but the chest is a “new addition”).

It’s a real toss-up. Yes, the experience bonus is great. With all those heirlooms, the bonus experience is crazy high. However, the gear that drops and/or is received from quest rewards is a significant stat upgrade in comparison.

In the end, I’ve decided to just wear the heirlooms and I’ll replace them at 86 with some quest rewards that I’ve taken to hold on to in case I don’t have anything better at that point. But honestly, I think it would be interesting to see if the added stats on the Pandaria gear would actually cause a faster kill/questing speed to equal, or possibly even beat, the heirloom XP bonus.

The question has been stuck in my brain since yesterday when Dani headed off to the mist-covered lands. If you’ve ever looked in to comparing the two options, please let me know! 🙂

Dani chillin with Lorewalker Cho

Dani chillin with Lorewalker Cho

WoW Name Phonetics

A very interesting hashtag started going around on Twitter this morning. Phonetics for saying your WoW character names.

My first reaction was: “Oh boy, I’ve never even been able to figure out how to type ‘Avi’ phonetically, so everyone always says it differently.”

Of course, now my mind can’t stop thinking about it, and I’ve been staring at a word document listing a bunch of my toons and trying to figure out how these darn things are said!

So I figured I’d put it in a blog post and see if I could have it make any sense to someone other than myself. Included are the conversationally shortened names that I refer to them as myself, and any pronunciation changes that come from that.

Aviendhalith – ah-vee-en-da-lith

Avienith – ah-vee-en-ith

~I can count at least 3 different ways that “Avi” is often said, and I just roll with it. I don’t even know if ‘ah’ is the right way to type that sound. It’s just in my head. It’s not ay-vee, or aw-vee. But that probably doesn’t actually make it any more clear, and as long as it sounds sorta close to it, I’ll assume you’re talking to me anyway. 😉

Maevenith – may-veh-nith (Maeve – which changes to just mayv)

Meilanith – my-lah-nith (Mei)

Nisaolith – nih-say-o-lith (Nisa – which changes to Nee-sah)

Minalyrith – me-nah-leer-ith (Mina)

Linsharith – lin-sha-rith (Lin)

Crysanith – cris-ah-nith (Crys)

Sarinith – sah-rin-ith (Sari – which changes to sah-ree)

Lunatarith – loo-nah-tar-ith (Luna)

Cyndarith – sin-dah-rith (Cyn)

Lessanith – less-ah-nith (Lessa)


This has all probably served to clarify absolutely nothing for anyone, but I figured I’d give it my best shot! I’ve heard people in pugs and other groups try to stumble over entire character names, which is why I wanted to list the shorter forms that I’m used to as well.

Please, give my phonetically-challenged self a hand if you notice something I could make more clear, and feel free to ask for clarification in the comments! And if you want to get in on the “game” on Twitter, it’s using the hashtag #wownamephonetics.


Are You Ready? Season 13!

Well, this has been a very extended posting hiatus for me. There have been some personal things going on in my world, and it hasn’t exactly been encouraging to creativity – BUT! Let’s start giving this another go!

PvP has been a fairly interesting venture for me. I’m still getting the hang of “how to think” as an arena healer, but things seem to be working a little more smoothly. My priest even has an RBG team that she’s been running with a couple times a week, which is rather cool.

This first week of 5.2, while we wait for Season 13, has meant grinding BGs to flush out the last bit of Malevolent gear that I didn’t quite get to on both my priest and my shaman during the last season. They’re both fully epic’d out now, and looking forward to arena’s starting up again. I haven’t decided who I want to focus on more yet. I’ve heard good things about priests in 5.2, but as I never did play on the PTR, it’s going to be something I’ll have to see for myself. I definitely really enjoy my shaman a lot – I like feeling as though I play a more active role in an arena than I do on my priest. So, I suppose we’ll see! Of course, both of them will get played, but we’re really looking to focus on a solid 3s team this season. We still need to find that third to fill the spot, though!

I’ve started levelling a Paladin in the meantime as well. She’s not quite level 40, but she’ll get levelled up eventually. That healer dungeon grind on a fully heirloomed toon isn’t too terribly taxing. 🙂 Paladin healing feels like a whole different ball game than what I’m used to, so it’s been rather interesting so far.

Still haven’t seen any of the new 5.2 content that was released last Tuesday… but perhaps one day!

Hope everyone out there has been enjoying themselves. 🙂

Polar Opposites

A funny thing occurred to me when I went to log in to WoW today. As I looked at my character selection screen, trying to determine what I was going to do first, I realized just how different my two priests are.



Avi is quietly confident, while still being a little unsure of herself in new situations. When she knows what’s going on in a dungeon or a raid, she knows that she can heal the heck out of anything. She knows her abilities, and she knows how to use them. She rocks around Pandaria, making friends with all the different factions, and generally gets things done.

She can even switch things up and kick some butt when she wants to switch over to shadow. She’s had to do that for multiple raids, and has managed to hold her own. (Well, okay, there was that first night where I cast Hymn and then forgot to go back in to shadow-form, but we just don’t talk about that anymore 😉 )


Then there’s Nisa. Less sure of her footing when she steps in to a battleground or an arena, and not entirely certain how to best keep herself or her teammates alive, she nevertheless jumps right on in and gives it a shot. She’s more carefree. Of course, she still wants to do her best, but she’s just trying to carve out a little spot of sense in the PvP world. She just wants to stay alive long enough to learn how to be useful, and is getting progressively better!

Despite being nearly identical as Disc priests, except a couple of talents and glyphs, they are vastly different characters. The caution and precision from one, and the “let it all loose” from the other – completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

And you know what? I rather like it. 🙂

Checking in with 2013!

Well… Somehow my posting has fallen by the wayside. I think that’s something that needs to change here in 2013, so I’m going to give it a shot starting today!

Let’s see, a little bit of catching up, I suppose?

I’m still rocking with the Priest goodness. I’ve started upgrading Avi’s gear with VP, and constantly have my fingers crossed that RNG might start loving me enough to give me another tier piece one of these days. Both my heal set and my shadow set are coming along fairly nicely. Since I’ve been going Shadow in our guild raids (too many healers? when do you ever have THAT problem?), I’ve been slowly picking up pieces of gear that I can gem and reforge properly to DPS instead of having so many shared pieces. It’s worked out fairly well now. 🙂

I also got a second priest to 90 – Nisa. I server transferred her to Arthas, and she’s become my “PvP priest”, leaving Avi to focus solely on PvE. I’m in a wonderful guild, Funk, with some very amazing people. It’s been pretty fun learning how to PvP better, and getting some gear. I’ve got guildies who carry me in 2s, so I’ve got a couple pieces of Malevolent gear, and all of my honor gear is fully upgraded now. As of next week, I’ll be able to get the PvP weapon, and then it’s game on! Looking forward to that very much.

My other alts are all sort of doing their thing. I took Lin, my monk, in to LFR last week. It was my first time in there ever with a melee toon, and it was — “interesting” to say the least. I died. A lot. Sometimes I’m not even sure how. But I like to think that I’m just balancing out the fact that Disc priests are overpowered, so all those deaths make up for kicking butt on healing meters with Avi. 😉

I hope that you all had a safe and wonderful holiday season. Here’s to 2013 being filled with nothing but good things for all of you. <3


I’m Hunting Wabbits

Well, okay, it was more hunting mantids rather than rabbits, I suppose – but it was still fun!

I’ve been having connection issues to Deathwing for the past couple days, so it gave me time to jump on my alliance hunter who is over on Lightbringer and really focus on her.

Last night, Cyndarith reached level 90.


Because she was Alliance, it also triggered another achieve that I had been wanting:


Levelling my hunter was just such a blast. Of all the classes I’ve levelled so far, it was very much the easiest. Just ran through and let my pets eat all the mobs! 😉

Cyn has now proven that she was, in fact, a double agent – she’s gone Horde. She’s an adorable Pandaren hunter now! Hopefully my connection to Deathwing stabilizes soon, and I can transfer her over to be with the rest of my toons.

The Quintessential Quintet

Short post today, because it’s been a crazy week of being ill and playing WoW – but I had to put this up!

After finishing with Sari last weekend, I hopped on my monk, Linsharith, to really focus on her. Picked up in Northrend on Monday, and pushed to 80 to join up with my levelling buddy on his warrior. I had levelled her basically the entire way to 85 as Mistweaver, but last night at 86 I had some experience catching up to do (since she had no rest), so while he went to record his podcast, I got to learn how-to-Windwalker.

I got a crash course, and off I went. Holy crow, is it ever fun! After meeting up in Kun-lai again, we toyed around with our spec combination, and levelled through 87 as a DPS duo (Fury/WW). Stuff pretty much melted. Once in Townlong, though, we needed a little bit more survivability, and he tanked while I DPS’d.

Tonight, Lin became my sixth 90 (while he got is fourth – woot!!), and completed the Quintessential Quintet achievement! Nice little sidebar there – now back to the VP grind on Avi, I suppose! 😉


The Plate Experience

I decided to pull Sarinith, my Death Knight, off the sidelines this weekend. Swapped in to Blood spec and off she went to explore Pandaria for herself instead of just hearing about it.

It was definitely a different levelling experience. It’s my first toon to be quite that survivable going through those zones. She did less damage, too, but that only mattered for the first couple of levels.

I will say… This is my seventh toon to go through Valley of the Four Winds at 86, and I have *never* had the kind of problems that I did with Sari. It was as though Saturday was “bored 90 PvP” day – I was getting killed repeatedly by different level 90 toons the entire time. I’ve never been so glad that 86 had so many different questing hubs as I was this time, because it gave me the option to zig-zag around the zone. I had half-finished questlines everywhere, as I waited for those people to find somewhere else to be. The instant I hit 87 I headed for the hills.

At this point, I met up with a friend who was levelling his shaman, and we were off. Ultimate role-reversal with me as the tank and him as DPS, but I actually kind of had fun with it! I had very rarely touched Blood aside from levelling, so it was a neat learning thing for me. There were a few rough spots here and there, but in the end we hit 90 without dying.

Hopped in to some heroics last night (back in lovely Frost spec). I didn’t do *amazing* DPS, but it seemed as though I was holding my own, and actually rather liked how it felt. I just might do some more with her, even though I wasn’t really “in to” her in Cata. Pretty fun!

So, adding Sari to the list of “official” alts as my fifth 90. Almost getting everyone there. 🙂

The Shado-Pan!

I have never been as excited to log in to a toon for the *sole* purpose of doing dailies as I was today.

This was the day that Avi finally completed her Shado-Pan rep.

The finale quest for Shado-Pan was one of the few times that I’ve really paid attention to NPC say/yells, and was rather epic. I don’t want to throw out spoilers here, but I will say this: do it!

They’re not really “necessary” quests, as they only open up after you reach exalted, but the reward is worth it, if you ask me!

And, of course, the main reason that I wanted to reach exalted with Shado-Pan — kitty mounts! Since it’s not a style that’s typically available to Horde, they were super appealing to me, and I’m incredibly happy that I finally have them for all of my toons!

That was the last real “need” I had to do dailies. Granted, this was more of a personal goal than one that was gear-driven, but now I can just do dailies on this particular toon if someone wants company or I feel like doing random ones for other factions to finish them up to exalted. 🙂