Just a Little Something…

I hit 300 followers on Twitter tonight. For a random WoW player who tweets rather mish-mash stuff, a mixture of real life and WoW-related things, this is kinda cool! It’s hard to believe that 300 people see me in their Twitter feeds all the time. And boy, sometimes I tweet a LOT!

So, I figure, you know what? I can probably do something for you wonderful folks. You’ve probably come here because I tweeted about this post – but even if you didn’t, you can still benefit!

Here’s the deal: I’ve got a Lil’ K.T. pet to give away. Because I don’t want to risk missing anyone that retweets a message or anything like that (because yes, I’m still rather Twitter-stupid), entry is rather simple. If you’re interested in receiving this pet (it can be either for yourself, or you can give it away yourself – completely up to you!), just post a reply to this blog post. Either include your twitter handle in your reply, or make sure that I have some way to contact you (ie: a valid email when you post the reply) to confirm your twitter account. If you don’t already follow me (@PerpetualCaster), do it now! Β On Monday, I will take the list of folks who are following me Β and do a draw on random.org to determine who wins the pet code!

So, have at ‘er. Take the chance – win a pet!! πŸ™‚

/hugs to all of you. <3

A Terrific Trio

Well, can’t say there isn’t stuff to do in WoW right now! Where have I been? Take a look at this:

At times, I feel as though I’m sort of flitting around with zero attention span because there are so many different things to do – and all at the same time. But as I’m reaching a few “milestones” in game right now, it seemed like a good time to stop and actually get a blog post out. So, let’s update you all on what’s going on.

Luna, my druid, reached level 90 yesterday. She makes my fourth max level toon, but with two of the previous ones being shamans, she was the one who triggered the Terrific Trio achievement for me. She hoofed it (haha, she’s a Tauren) to the flight trainer at the Shrine and without hesitation purchased the ability to fly in Pandaria. That was a big goal for me: to have my herbalist able to fly. Mission accomplished!

Avi has obviously been my main focus. Rep grinds are basically complete for her, since exalted level doesn’t have much in the way of gear rewards (two quest ones, yes), so I pretty much stopped doing dailies as I hit revered with each faction. I have been continuing to do Shado-Pan dailies, because I want those kitty mounts! I should be exalted with them in three more days, and I can’t wait. There is a quest at exalted which rewards an Onyx Cloud Serpent, which I’m also looking forward to getting. πŸ™‚ There are some dailies for August Celestials that I enjoy doing, so I’ve been hitting up the Temple of the White Tiger on those days and moving that rep towards actually being complete.

Mina is slowly coming up behind her. She’s got a high enough item level to run LFR, and will be getting revered with Golden Lotus today – if the login servers start working again at least! That will open up the Shado-Pan and August Celestials dailies for her, too, so it’s even *more* stuff for her to work on. heh It’s definitely needed though, because she was coming close to hitting the 3000 VP cap without having any way to upgrade the pieces she really needed to. She’s got a neck from LFR, and both rings from Headless Horseman, so she really needed a vendor to open up and upgrade some lower ilvl pieces quickly!

Crys and Luna are both able to run heroics, and they do their Tillers farming to provide cooking mats to my other toons (who are planting Songbells for motes). For the time being, neither will do the major rep dailies, because there already isn’t enough time in the day. Or enough of my sanity to actually do that sort of thing. πŸ˜‰ 5.1 will bring in a nice change though, with the bonus to reputation. Altoholics rejoice!

Nisa, my alt priest, is 83 and moving along when there’s someone else to run with – and if we’re not working on something with a max level toon. I’m having fun with Lin, who is levelling as Mistweaver. Monk heals have such a neat feel to them, and the graphics are super pretty as well. Once things settle down, it will be nice to get her to 90 and get the feel for that gameplay.

OH! And this was finally the year when I got the Headless Horseman mount. Running the daily on all three toons who could do it, every day, I slipped in under the wire with just a few days to spare. It couldn’t have happened in a better pug, either. They were cheering and congratulating me, and it made that moment even more awesome. I love people like that.

So that about sums up where all MY time has been spent… How about you? Are you working on alts or solely playing on a main toon? Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re having tons of fun!

Get Ready for Mists!

Mists of Pandaria launch is swiftly approaching, and the majority of players are on the edge of their seats waiting for the new content to arrive.

We’ve all been working on in-game expansion prep for the last while, whether it’s maxing out some professions, finishing up an alt, or any other stuff on your own personal check-list. But are you – the person – ready to enter Pandaria?

For those people who are planning to rush towards 90, there is definitely some real life planning that goes in to doing so. It means altered sleep schedules, easy food, and provisions for responsibilities. When Cata launched, that morning was garbage day at my house – thinking of that ahead of time meant that everything was simply put out early so I didn’t forget about it while I was go-go in game working to 85.

I won’t be online when Mists goes live, I’ll be sleeping. I can only get away with being away from work for about three days in a row, so I made the call to start my time off on Wednesday. That way, I have five straight days available to get my toons in to Pandaria, while not having to worry about little things like getting enough sleep. πŸ˜‰

I’m planning to get my priest to 90 ASAP after I log in Tuesday afternoon, so this seemed like an ideal time to re-arrange my living room like I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I wanted to get my computer back underneath a hanging lamp in my living room, so that I can have a better lit area to sit in as well as be next to the window for some fresh air. Yesterday, I made that happen. Ideal computer set up: check!

I made sure that I have bread and peanut butter. Monday evening will see me making sandwiches to pack up and put in the fridge so there is easy, fast access to food.

One of my most important arrangements, though – and this is something I learned from doing the Cata rush – is that my two youngest dogs will be going to stay with my mom for those few days. They are so energetic, on the move, and eager to interact with me that they (understandably) would be driven nuts by this kind of marathon gaming session. My two older dogs don’t care. Heck, one of Russ’ favourite activities is “finding blankets to sleep under.” So the older guys will be staying home with me, but the other rascals will have their own mini-holiday. πŸ™‚

All in all, I feel like I’m set, both in game and out, to jump right in to Pandaria. The order of toons I’m going to level will depend entirely on how long it takes Avi to reach 90. I’d like to do Luna second, so that she can level her herbalism, but I’ve got to get Mina levelled up too. So it’s currently a toss up between druid or shaman to be my second 90 – but I guess we’ll see soon enough!

Are you ready for this new adventure? Anything special that you’re doing for the start of the expansion?

Herald of the Titans

This is a late post tonight – and two in one day! – but I had to put it up here.

I had a level 80 shaman that I used to play with a friend back in Wrath. I hadn’t touched her since then. When I saw that people were still going for Herald of the Titans, I decided: Why not?

I locked her XP, and with the help of some folks plus some regular ol’ grinding, I “downgraded” some of her ICC gear to be able to meet the Herald requirements.

Tonight I got the invite. I was all prepared (reforged, everything) to go in and DPS the heck out of the fight. But wait – they need me to heal! I hadn’t even set up a resto spec, not to mention I haven’t exactly shaman-healed much since the latest patch, but off I went to reforge again!

We went in to Ulduar with an Algalon lockout. Then we one-shot the fight.

If I’ve learned anything from the short time I’ve been recording kill videos, it’s to ALWAYS hit record. Even if it’s a first attempt. So if you’re interested in seeing Herald from a first-timer, not-used-to-resto-healing shaman perspective, here you go. πŸ™‚

Twitterland Herald Run

Special thanks to all the Twitterland Folks that were there:


Healing Thoughts

Perusing Twitter as I normally do, I came across this link today:

10 Reasons People Don’t Heal

I loved it. I giggled at:Β Not β€œsave the world by by enthusiastically patching up your group’s assorted grazed knees and bumps on the head.” The whole thing really does ring true, especially the parts about perfectionism and responsibility.

When I played EQ2, I was a healer. I had a couple of other alts, but my main toon, my raider, the first incarnation of “Avi” – that was a healer. My guild then was a group of people that basically all knew at least one other person in real life. We weren’t go-go-progression or anything, but we liked raiding.

And still, I was a nervous wreck come raid time.

For me, it’s that inner perfectionist. It’s not wanting to “fail” my group by letting someone die, even if it wasn’t my fault. Yes, that DPS shouldn’t have stood in the pool of lava that was spewed on them – but dang it, why am I not a miracle worker?

Ridiculous, right? I completely acknowledge that. But that’s why, when I started playing WoW, I went DPS. That was it, that’s what I did. I started my Elemental Shaman and I was good to go. The only time I ever healed anything during Wrath was when I would add whatever bit of healing I could for the Dreamwalker fight.

A while in to Cataclysm, I actually put together a semi-useful set of healing gear and started running dungeons as Resto. It wasn’t all that bad! I still didn’t heal in raids, though. My focus was DPS. Even when I rolled Luna (my druid), I levelled her up with resto and didn’t like how it felt at 85.

However, now I have my priest, and I love it. I’ve been running as heals in our raids for the most part over the last few weeks. I actually don’t mind being a healer. I know that Disc is reportedly not amazing for Mists, but gosh darn it I’m going to try and make it work. Because while I don’t mind resto shaman, I actually enjoy healing with my priest.

Did you hear that? I enjoy healing again. Perfectionism included. Being useful to my raid team, and liking the mechanic of that class, have made it an amazing experience.

So if you’re trying to decide if you want to roll a healer, my advice would be this: give them all a shot. One might not be the right “fit” for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that healing is out, just that you haven’t found your niche. Who knows, you might be surprised.

I know I was. πŸ™‚

The 5.0.4 Experience

As you guys well know, the pre-patch for Mists rolled out on Tuesday. This brought in the new talent/glyph system and all the class changes. Needless to say, if you – like me – weren’t playing in the Beta, this was a little bit of a “wait, what do I do now?” kind of situation.

Beyond the actual changes from Blizzard, this also meant a fair bit of UI tweaking for a lot of people. Quite a few addons were well prepared for 5.0.4, and had updates rolled out instantly, which was very welcome. Some of the less popular ones are still broken, others are working differently, etc. In my case, this gave me the nudge I needed to finally download and figure out WeakAuras, as well as ditch some addons that I didn’t really “need” but had just become accustomed to at this point.

Weakauras had me scratching my head at first, but now I have both Mina and Avi set up with trackers/timers that actually are working very well:

Mina’s auras have bars to track Flame Shock on the target, as well as a shield tracker. I’ll probably add CD buttons for other totems/abilities, but I haven’t really had a chance to play her as much yet to see what I want readily available under my feet as opposed to just on the buttons.

Avi is set up much like she was (nearly identical, really) with Power Auras. She has all of her CD trackers right in the middle, and mini buttons tracking mana CDs above her unit frame. They’re set to desaturate and count down when not available. It’s quite pretty!

I also gave my priest a shadow off-spec, that I’m bound and determined to actually learn. I don’t particularly feel like smiting my way to 90 like I did all the way to 85. πŸ˜‰ I managed to figure out how to set up a group aura to track her dots – it counts down with the “will need to be cast first” dot closest to her cast bar. I *will* figure out Shadow – especially since that spec got a little bit spoiled in raid this week. heh


Things have been going fairly smoothly, really. I’m feeling a little awkward with Elemental, but I’ve always loved the class – I’m sure I’ll come around soon enough! Disc healing has been amazing still. Healing Dragon Soul last night felt better than it ever had. Spirit Shell to deal with every impale? Yes please!! The only issue I had was with a mouseover. I had dispel magic set up on my bar. Imagine my surprise when, in an Hour of Twilight heroic, it didn’t work! I checked the macro – yep, it’s fine. I was stumped until I realized that PURIFY was my new way to cleanse a magic effect, and Dispel Magic was for an enemy target. Eesh. Way to read through your spell book ahead of time, Avi!

Seems like some great changes overall. My Death Knight is kinda neat, and I’m hoping to get more of a chance to play her this weekend, as well as get some work in on the Druid and levelling my newbie Pally!

How is the patch treating you guys so far?

Savior of Azeroth

A very cool thing happened on Friday: I got to join Tranquility in heroic Dragon Soul. I was nervous as all get out, considering how long it had been since I’d done any heroic raiding – AND I had never killed more than 5/8H.

But guess what?

When Madness went down and the achievement popped, I could hardly believe it. I was in Skype and made some pretty darn excited sounds, apparently. πŸ™‚

I finished heroic Icecrown Citadel in the last few months. This is the first time I’ve cleared a heroic raid while it’s current. Ever. I am thrilled they took me along. What an experience!

Remembering Theramore

I will admit – I get sappy about the little things. That’s true in every aspect of my life. Heck, I’m the one who will cry at TV shows.

Knowing that the Theramore scenario, featuring its destruction, comes out on Tuesday… well, it made me nostalgic. Did I ever spend much time there? No. But that isn’t really the point for me. As a long-time Alliance player, knowing that one of “our” cities was going to see such a terrible tragedy and never be the same again really hit me.

Last week, I logged in on Lightbringer and headed out to Theramore to take some screenshots and even some fraps footage. Just some stuff to save and remember the way things were. It wasn’t anything special – surely nothing to ever be shared with folks – just my own little tidbits.

Enter my friend Joe (@wowmartiean). When he saw me posting on Twitter about what I was doing, he messaged me on Skype asking if I would mind if he did a video. He makes some pretty amazing videos – so I was thrilled with the idea. I got the sneak peak of the video last night, and he released it today. I hope you’ll all go check it out, and enjoy it as much as I did.

The Eve of Destruction – Theramore Isle

You can check out his Youtube channel in my links as well. Thank you so very much, Joe.

Pre-MoP Adventures

In the final weeks of pre-expansion, I’m trying to fill my time with things that are actually fun. Random HoTs for valor, or LFR, are all well and good – but oh my gosh are they full of people trolling lately. I still want to get LFR done this week, just on Avi and Luna – they can still use some gear – but I’m not jumping to do it on everyone like I used to.

The last few days, I’ve been spending my evenings running a friend’s lowbie shaman through dungeons. He started at 33 the other day, and we got him to 57 today. Side note here – you can access Blackrock Spire at 48. If you are levelling someone (or being levelled), DO IT. The experience gains in there are *spectacular* with an 85 smashing (or swiping, in my case) through. We did a quick run through Sunken Temple when he was at 50 and could do the quests, but otherwise, it’s been solely BRS. And he’s levelled FAST.

I must admit, this is definitely going to be something I will miss about “Have group, will travel” being removed from the game. It allowed me to jump around on my higher level toons and summon him in to instances even though that particular toon of his is on a different server. I won’t have the option to get him places come MoP, unless they allow summoning stones to work cross-server, which I don’t believe is in the cards.

I’ve also been levelling a Death Knight – Sarinith. While this isn’t the first time I’ve created a DK, it’s the first one I’ve actually managed to get past the starting level of 55 and not quickly deleted. As of this post, she’s level 79 and making the final push towards Cata content. The levelling experience has been a little different than what I’m used to. For starters, this is the first melee toon I’ve actually levelled. Luna went kitty at 85. But I’m also destroying things when I’m questing. So I’m doing much more questing than I’ve done previously – aside from perhaps my original shaman-Avi… But I think even she did a lot of dungeon levelling. With Sari, I’ve been carefully planning out when I will queue for which specific dungeons, in Wrath in particular, to make sure I only go in to them when I will have quests available. After that, they’re off my queue list, and I keep questing until I’m at the appropriate level for the next. It’s made levelling feel just a touch different, even though I’m still following the same zone/questing pattern that I always have.

The goal is to have Sari hit 85 this weekend. That will get me to seven toons at level 85, which I honestly didn’t think would ever happen. Granted, three of those seven are elemental shamans, but let’s not nitpick. πŸ˜‰ Β It will also tip the scales of max-level toons in favour of my new home on the Deathwing server, which is an interesting (and happy) feeling.

I still have some professions to grind, but Avi has reached 525 in her inscription, so that’s one thing to check off the list!

How about you? Do you have any goals that you’ve accomplished – or are still trying to accomplish – before September 25th?