This Thing Called D3

So Diablo 3 released yesterday. I had many, many friends who were anxiously anticipating this – taken time off work, etc.

I have a copy of it because I signed up for the annual pass in WoW. I have never played Diablo before at all, it’s just never struck my fancy. But some folks convinced me to at least download it, so I did. And as I looked at my realID list yesterday and saw everyone and their dog playing D3, I figured I would try and made myself a wizard.

Yesterday was terrible. I don’t know if it was server lag or what, but I couldn’t cast stuff most of the time. It’s working fine today, so that’s what is leading me to think it was something related to the servers – which, if you haven’t been cut off from social media/etc in the past 36 hours, you know were having MANY issues since the game launched.

I got my little wizard to level 7 today, though I’m not sure how. I’m kind of out of my element in this game and I don’t seem to be connecting with it at all. But I was trying. Until I hit this cathedral. And wow, did I get shown just how little I know.

I have had my wizard-butt killed and sent back to the start of the cathedral repeatedly. I even have health potions that I’m using, but when you die faster than the CD on them – they’re not exactly helping.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong at this point. But I do know that I wish people weren’t so MIA in WoW right now. I just want to log in and chill with my guildies – except there’s been all of 3 or 4 people online these last two days.

On the bright side, at least I can log in to Diablo long enough to approve any new Battletag requests, so that I can still chat with folks as they play while I tool around somewhere in WoW. πŸ™‚

Quick Monday Update

Yesterday was a mix of real-life and gaming awesome.

My Wolfe actually managed to call me from Basic. I had received a super-quick email from him last week, but that was it in the last month. So when my phone started playing his ring-tone yesterday, I could hardly believe it. I actually paced the entire 7 minutes we were on the phone because I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Then I got nabbed for a Heroic Firelands last night. I’ve not been a regular on the optional Firelands runs, because I find that if I add too much to my regular raiding schedule, I can start to burn out pretty quickly. But I was in such a good mood last night that when they needed one more dps, I jumped right in! And I’m so glad I did.


That’s right – courtesy of Heroic Beth’tilac, I actually have a new shield! I had still been running with a 378 due to terrible luck in LFR, and a near zero drop-rate on Warmaster for our raid. The Heroic Ward of the Red Widow was a much appreciated upgrade for me! I had this baby gemmed/enchanted and equipped before I even left Beth’s area. hehe

I actually like the look of this new shield, too, so I’m in the process of forming a new transmog set around it. It almost worked with my current outfit, but any excuse to make a new one, right? πŸ˜‰


A Surprising Toon Connection

Ever since I saw the female Pandaren models, I’ve been looking forward to having one. As an added bonus, they can be shaman!

Since I already have two shaman on my main server (and a few more left scattered across others… shh!), I was fully intending to race-change Maeve to a Panda when Mists hit. She was originally a Goblin, so unlike Avi – who has been the same since the day I started playing WoW – I felt it was a good option.

However, last night I realized something. Maeve was standing around Stormwind looking for something to do, and I felt a little twist at the idea of changing who she was. I like her. She feels like she has a story.

Now this was a strange thing for me. I have never really been much of an RP sort of person. My characters don’t have big intricate back stories (though, don’t get me wrong, I think the folks that have the creativity to do that kind of thing are amazing!). But apparently, I’ve done at least a bit of this sub-consciously.

Maeve feels like Avi’s much younger sister. Avi slowly and cautiously made her way through the new world she found herself in, opening up to new adventures over time and learning as she went along. Maeve, with her cute pigtails and sassy go-get-’em outfits, took the knowledge Avi had spent time learning and ran full steam ahead with it.

Maeve jumps in to things without a second thought, ready to take on the world at every opportunity. She’ll see some folks heading off to slay a dragon and call out “Wait for me!”

Maeve is a direct counter-point to Avi, who lives by a schedule and a plan. Avi knows what she’s after and considers how to accomplish her goals. She is constantly fine-tuning her knowledge and carefully trying new things to see if it might work better than what she’s done before. All of the hard work that Avi does, Maeve takes in without much effort and then she’s out the door again.

I never actually *knew* this until last night. I didn’t realize just the sort of impact these girls had on me. It appears that Maeve won’t, in fact, be receiving a race change after all.

And I think I’ll have to clear up a character slot for a third – Pandaren – shaman. πŸ˜‰


What a Wednesday!

Yesterday was a big achievement day for me. πŸ™‚

I started out by finishing off my Netherwing rep. I knew I could finish it yesterday with only a few eggs after my dailies done, and boy was I counting them down! When I saw that *last egg* that I needed, I think I stopped breathing until I had it collected and knew for sure that none of the other egg farmers out there was going to get to it first! πŸ™‚ That added a shiny new six mounts to my collection. With the purchase of a new PvP mount, my grand total was up to 99.

Last night was also my “run of choice” for winning our mini-contest of “Most Improved DPS” on heroic Ultraxion. I had picked ICC25 Heroic, because all I needed to finish that meta was the heroic wings. In just a short while:

and 10000!(It wasn’t until I grabbed this screenshot today that I realized yesterday brought me to an even 10,000 achievement points – how cool!)

The Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher is pretty neat looking for a dead dragon:

But it ALL, even the Netherwing drakes, paled in comparison to this. I have loved this mount ever since I first saw it, and often wondered if I would ever be able to reach the important 100 mounts mark. And now I have. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my favourite mount in this game. The Blue Dragonhawk:

so pretty!

Bonus extra Dragonhawk pet to follow us around! You can bet that you will find me on this mount ALL the time now. πŸ˜€

Raiding, rep, and other fun stuff

This weekend was rather chock full of random things for me.

I had my regularly scheduled raid on Friday and Saturday nights. Things did not go… quite as well as planned. To begin with, we were missing some key core raiders – the loss of that DPS can be quite noticeable on some fights. Add to that the *want* to push new heroic progression bosses, but a little lack of gear and the aforementioned missing raiders, and my stress level was kinda high. But, I was back for raid on Saturday, and despite even more people not showing up, we still managed to at least clear one of the heroic bosses we already had experience killing, and mopped up the instance. Alas, still no shield!!!

A couple of wonderful guildies and I are also working on cleaning up the last of our Glory of the Hero achieves. I have two left right now, and I’m very much looking forward to getting my Red Proto-Drake! I still don’t have a Proto, so it will be very neat for me. πŸ™‚ That mount will also put me at a total of 93, so I’m inching my way towards that vaulted 100 mount mark. The Dragonhawk reward is one of my absolutely favourite mounts in game, and I’m bound and determined to get there.

Which leads me to my other occupation this weekend: finally working on my Netherwing rep. I got fairly lucky on finding some eggs, so I hit Revered with them yesterday. I’ll be working on farming more of those for the next while, for sure! When I’m lucky, I have a guildie who comes all the way out to Shadowmoon Valley and tools around in the mine with me, helping to call out any eggs he sees. Having a second set of eyes looking for them is handy when you’re trying to beat all those other egg farmers out there.


All in all, it was a fairly productive WoW weekend. Intersperse that with actually getting some yardwork done yesterday because we *finally* had nice weather all weekend, and I call that a win. πŸ™‚


A Transmog Plea for the Shield

This is my shout out to the WoW gods: Please, pretty please, let the Timepiece drop off of Warmaster Blackhorn this weekend. I promise that if I can get the shield, I won’t even transmog it in to something else! I’ll proudly carry around my Timepiece and let the world know that yes, the shield did drop for Tranquility!

Look – I even have the outfit all ready to go. Bonus: I actually HAVE all these pieces already. I can transmog the rest of my gear and be ready to rock within five minutes of raid being over! I tried to tie it all together, while making sure that the rest of the outfit was just subtle enough to not overpower the shield. After all, the shield is what this is all about! πŸ™‚



Chest: Vicious Charscale Chest

Legs: Spiritwalker’s Kilt

Feet: Vicious Charscale Boots

Waist: Cord of Dragon Sinew

Gloves: Enchanted Felscale Gloves

Shoulder: Fortified Spaulders

Mace: Brutal Gladiator’s Salvation

(Head and back hidden)


So there you have it, oh awesome powers that be. Now we just need the shield to drop, and I’m all set! πŸ™‚

A Beautiful Day on Tatooine

Sith Avi reached level 28 over the weekend. I still had some quests left on Tatooine, but I headed over to Alderaan anyway to move my class quest along.

Once I got there, though, I realized I felt like I was rushing *myself*. I didn’t want to leave Tat before I was done all of the quests there. I actually kind of LIKE that planet. So now I’m back.

And I’m wondering how a bunch of sand dunes can be so appealing.

“Oh, my quest is out there in all that sand somewhere? Great!”

And let’s not forget the sand people!


But then I have another “oh shiny” moment, and I remember why I actually like it here. Sure, it’s gigantic, and the quests are kinda all over the place… but it’s pretty. And I’m a big fan of stuff that catches my eye like this. Places like Nar Shaddaa are just too bland for my taste.


So I’m going to be tooling around on Tatooine for a while longer, get these quests finished up. Might as well soak up the sun where I can! Who cares that I’m going to have sand *everywhere* in my ship – this is as close to a beach vacation that I’m going to have on this whole journey. πŸ™‚

How Slowly Time Passes

It hasn’t even been quite two weeks since mah Wolfe left for Basic. And it feels like an eternity.

It really doesn’t seem like it was only a short time ago that I was up early before work – and I get up at 5AM anyway, so that’s *damn* early – to be able to talk to him the morning before he left.

And yet, it hasn’t even been two weeks. I still have over seven more weeks to go, and that’s counting on the short side of things (it may be longer depending on processing times and whatnot).

I look at the weekly countdown on my calendar and just feel kinda empty inside. I miss him. I miss hearing his voice. I miss knowing he’s always there to talk to – whether it’s about a stupid thing that occurred at work, something exciting that happened… or even if it’s just to say “Hi, I love you”. Or to hear his voice saying those words. It’s the little things in your day that you really miss when they just aren’t there anymore.

It’s a good thing that I decided to start writing in a notebook instead of the letter. I’ve already taken up a good ten pages in the “I can’t send you a novel to Basic” notebook that I started writing in. Just describing the dream that I had the other night took up over a page on its own. That was terrible. I’ve had nightmares that shook me up even after I had pulled myself out of it, but this was worse in all honesty. The dream had me WITH him. I was so happy in that dream that when I woke up, it was a reality checkΒ  so heartbreaking that I wept. I wished that I could go back to sleep, back in to that dream, and just stay there until he was out of Basic.

I am a strong, capable woman. I know this. I have lived my life without him and know entirely well that I can continue regardless. I will keep doing my day to day things even though I can’t talk to him. But that doesn’t make it any easier. HE makes my life easier. Knowing that he is there has become a level of comfort for me, and I miss it. He’s become that point in my day that I look forward to, and without it things don’t feel quite the same.

I AM strong enough to get through this, and I will not falter. I like to consider this my testing ground. He is proving himself as a soldier, and I am proving myself as a constant supporter of him in his chosen future. I will always be proud, encouraging, and full of love for him – because he holds my heart wherever he goes.

I just sure wish that I could make time move faster.

Kicking Friday into Gear

Friday. It’s the day of the week for me when even if I haven’t felt much like gaming, as I haven’t for the last two days, everything kicks off again.

It’s raid night tonight, so that means stopping to grab drinks and easy during-raid-snacks on my way home from work this afternoon.

Not only do I enjoy the time spent with my guildies during the raid, regardless of how frustrating a certain boss might be, but it really gets me back in to the gaming groove. I might stick around in WoW and play a different toon, or I’ll swap to a different game (TOR now that I’m playing that again).

Who knows, the weekend just might give me back that gaming feeling in itself, but it really does seem like spending time with those kick butt people is what does it. I think I tend to get a little lost in myself at times, and I start to retreat. But knowing that my guild is counting on me to show up for raid meansΒ  I don’t have that option – and making myself be there is actually good for me.

They make me laugh. They remind me that socializing (even though it may only be on vent) is a good thing. That I don’t have to hide myself in a book and avoid interaction. That there’s somewhere I can go and feel comfortable.

And I love it. So here’s to you, Friday. Here’s to raid nights and gaming time and awesome people.


Sightseeing in WoW

I was looking through the pics on my computer today, and realized just how much “sightseeing” I do as I’m running around questing or whatnot. I don’t go out actively looking for things, but I wind up with a lot of “ooooh shiny!” moments where I just have to stop and take a screenshot.

Figured I would share some of those with you guys today, as I let my thoughts regroup from other things.

I love this from Uldum:


And this somewhat gloomy shot of Dalaran, with the ominous sky of Icecrown:


The bright colours at Therazane’s Throne:


The sun over Stormwind Harbour:


I’ll leave you with a shot of Tempest Keep and the sky over Netherstorm:


I have so many more screenshots that I could share, we would be here all day if I tried to show all of my favourite ones. Views in Uldum alone (quite possibly one of my favourite looking zones) could be its own post.

Do you find yourself really taking in the sights while you’re out questing? Do you ever just have to stop and get screenshots? Or do you find that it sort of fades in to the background?