Quick Update from the Mists

It sure has been a busy time in this last little bit! Outside of work, I’ve been fully immersed in the wonder that is Pandaria.

I reached 90 with Avi on Thursday and started the rep grind with dailies. There sure is a lot of stuff to do! Β I’ve also been running heroics to get some gear upgrades, though I have been doing them as Shadow so far. I wanted to be able to get a little bit more spirit from gear before I tried healing them. As this is the first time I’ve gone in to new content as a healer, I’m easing myself in slowly to make sure that I’m comfortable with it. I’ll get there, though! πŸ™‚

Mina has reached level 88 – and has become Pandaren! I do believe the race change helped restore my love for her, and I seem to have gotten a bit of a feel back for the Elemental play style as well. It’s been great fun. I also transferred an 80 shaman off of an abandoned server – Crysanith is now a second Pandaren shaman for me on Deathwing, and she is also 88. I’ve been levelling those two along with a friend on his two toons, which has been awesome after solo levelling the priest.

I’ve been working here and there on Luna, who is now 86, but she keeps getting side-tracked while questing as she dashes off to go grab yet another sparkling herb. πŸ˜‰ I want her to reach max level soon-ish so that she will be able to fly around and really get to collecting those herbs!

Professions have been amazingly quick to level. I have Inscription, Tailoring, Enchanting, and Alchemy all at 600. Tailoring was the only one that really required me to level a toon to finish – Mina had to get to 87 and do the questline to reach the Shrine of Two Moons so she could access the vendor.

I’m hoping that something will be done for alts to not require the reputations to purchase the epic patterns from the different factions. Avi is working on the reputation grind for gear, and it is going to be a fairly long haul to finish those on just one character. It doesn’t take a *lot* of time to do the dailies, but the idea of needing to do all of that on each alt with a profession every day to try and reach revered is daunting to say the least.

All in all, though, this expansion has started off wonderfully. I hope you are all having a great time in Pandaria!

Remembering Theramore

I will admit – I get sappy about the little things. That’s true in every aspect of my life. Heck, I’m the one who will cry at TV shows.

Knowing that the Theramore scenario, featuring its destruction, comes out on Tuesday… well, it made me nostalgic. Did I ever spend much time there? No. But that isn’t really the point for me. As a long-time Alliance player, knowing that one of “our” cities was going to see such a terrible tragedy and never be the same again really hit me.

Last week, I logged in on Lightbringer and headed out to Theramore to take some screenshots and even some fraps footage. Just some stuff to save and remember the way things were. It wasn’t anything special – surely nothing to ever be shared with folks – just my own little tidbits.

Enter my friend Joe (@wowmartiean). When he saw me posting on Twitter about what I was doing, he messaged me on Skype asking if I would mind if he did a video. He makes some pretty amazing videos – so I was thrilled with the idea. I got the sneak peak of the video last night, and he released it today. I hope you’ll all go check it out, and enjoy it as much as I did.

The Eve of Destruction – Theramore Isle

You can check out his Youtube channel in my links as well. Thank you so very much, Joe.

Look, a Melee Toon!

My druid, Luna, went kitty at 85, but the entire time she was levelling, she was balance/resto.

Sarinith – a Blood Elf Death Knight – Β is the first time I’ve actually *levelled* as melee. And today, this happened:

It has been a very interesting experience for me. Even playing Luna, melee is still a different concept. Plus the rune/runic power system is still a little bit boggling to me. But I’m getting there. I’ve tanked some stuff here and there, and I’m generally having fun trying to get the hang of the whole thing.

Also – you can tell I have a rather set levelling plan… This screenshot looks an awful lot like Avi’s 85 one! heh

Now to see about getting Sari geared. Should be interesting. I need MoP to hit – too many alts levelled lately! Β This marks my seventh 85, but at least I’m still having fun doing it. πŸ™‚


The Perpetual Caster Goes – Kitty?

My druid, Luna, has been strictly my herbing/alchemy toon for some time now. It was well before the new ZA/ZG dungeons that I stopped running her in anything. I wasn’t a big fan of druid heals, and moonkin has always felt awkward to me.

Recently, I picked up some pvp items, dusted off the ol’ mookin form, and headed off to some HoTs to try and collect agility gear. I got the last necessary piece today, and headed to the druid trainer to pick up a feral spec.


This is going to be *highly* amusing – if not a little frustrating – for someone who has never played a melee beyond a few starter levels of a toon. However, I have some great help lined up (and he may or may not have kinda convinced me to go feral in the first place), so I’ll at least have a hand while I try to understand energy, and combo points, and this whole new idea.

Here’s hoping we get the hang of being a kitty, cause Luna needs some time to shine too! πŸ™‚

Wait a Minute – Horde?

I’ve been a serious Alliance player since I first began playing WoW. I’d dabbled in a Horde toon here and there, but my Draenei shaman has *always* been my main.

That is, until now.

After much agonizing, putting off decisions much longer than I probably should have, and trying desperately to keep everyone around me happy – at the expense of my own comfort – I made the jump.

Back at the beginning of June, I was lucky enough to join up with the great folks in the Horderlies on Deathwing. It was a neat “alt experience” to have some Horde toons and hang out in such a wonderful guild. But due to other circumstances on the Alliance side, I started feeling a heck of a lot more at HOME in this guild than I did over on my supposed main toon.

I approached the ever-amazing Hoofit about becoming a permanent raider with Horderlies, and had the idea welcomed with enthusiasm. A little more internal turmoil, but I finally did it. I cemented the decision by transferring Lunatarith (my druid) over to Deathwing as well, because she’s my herb/alchemist that supports my main toon. So, with Mina becoming my main Ele — the druid had to follow!

Just wanted to let everyone know what was going on, and give a quick little hello to the new main plus the new Horderlies. πŸ™‚


Elemental Shaman


Discipline Priest


Herbalism Druid


The guys managed to talk Luna in to doing Archaeology over the weekend, so she’s now maxed out and joining in the search for the Vial of the Sands pattern for the guild. It seems we’re all just crazy! πŸ˜‰

Hey, Training Dummies!

So a couple of great guys from the Horderlies, the guild that Mina is lucky enough to be a part of, are kicking off a new podcast called The Training Dummies.

You can hear their personal intros in Episode 0, an awesome “getting to know you” session. They’ll be giving info on tanking (Hoofit), DPS (Hotpox), and healing (Hend).

Check it out, and make sure to watch for future episodes!

The Training Dummies

I’ll have this listed in my sidebar, but I highly suggest following @trainingdummies on Twitter!

Now THAT’s a Dagger

The other day, Mina made it to Northrend and started the long grind of queuing up and *only* running Utgarde Keep for a while. That place sure does get dull fast. πŸ˜‰

But, on the first run through, she picked up Keleseth’s Blade of Evocation to hold on to until it could be used at level 70. It wasn’t until I was able to equip it that I realized that this was one HECK of a dagger!


I’m a shaman with a sword! This is definitely being kept for transmog purposes. I love how it looks with the little Goblin!

Speaking of transmog, I’ve been keeping basically every single piece of mail gear that drops or comes from a quest reward. My bank was crying until I got a wonderful “donation” of some good sized bags to store things in. (Thanks Rob!)

So we’re at level 71 now. So far, only one death to Alliance NPCs – I apparently flew a little bit too close to Star’s Rest and they took offense to that. I’m sure it won’t be the last! lol Also coming up on finishing all six Horde repuations. Just Thunder Bluff left to go, and I believe I’m almost done with that. Those tabards sure do make it easy when you run dungeons as much as I do. πŸ™‚


Adventures of a Disc Priest

When I started up a priest this time around, I sort of knew in the back of my head that I was going to stay away from Shadow – at least at first. I had tried it before and not quite felt the vibe, so maybe I would just save it for later. Added to this idea was the fact that I am leveling her along-side an elemental shaman, and a healer would be nice for queue times.

When I hit level 10, I chose Discipline without much hesitation. And you know, aside from needing to drink a *lot* in some dungeons, it’s been pretty darn fun so far! She’s still just a baby toon, so there’s a long way to go, but I like what I see. I’m pretty close to getting Atonement, and I think that’s just going to be a real kick.

When I was leveling my druid, I did dungeons with her as Resto – but I don’t recall enjoying it quite this much. This, now this is some fun healing for me. Plus, I just got introduced to mouseover macros the other day. Ho-ly crow. I’m having a blast with Mei.

However, I’m still unsure about the talents/glyphs for her. I’m not even certain of good Disc resources. So any of you out there play Disc and have words of advice as I move along with her? Or maybe just care to point me in the right direction? πŸ™‚

Because Everyone Needs a Squishable!

Today is the 5-year anniversary of Squishables!

They are these super adorable, giant stuffed creatures of awesome. I have loved Hai – Vitae’s Squishable Shark – ever since he first posted a picture of him.

Today, the very same Vitae (@vitaemachina) launched a contest in which you can win a Squishable! Check out the details here:

Squishable Giveaway

I’m already a happy paying customer, but there was no way I could pass up the idea of my very own squishy creature!

There are fifty (50!) of those guys on there. Now, some of them are sold out, which is unfortunate… I would have pounced right on their adorable Arctic Fox. As it was, I had a *terrible* time choosing! There are some awesome ones that just weren’t “quite right” as a pick-me-up that I needed. Like, the raven is amazing, but I wanted something a wee bit happier looking.

I ended up just random number generating to be able to pick, because I couldn’t choose!

And so, my order went in for … *drumroll* …

Squishable Jellyfish!

I can’t wait for the adorable thing to get here.Β  ^_^

Everyone should check out the contest for their chance to win – and get on board with such a wonderful host in the process!


(my allergies are kicking my butt today, or I would so share my excitement over this with the accompanying audio – but unfortunately I just sound all stuffy and can’t stop sneezing! Limits my recording ability…)