Gettin Hot in Here

This is one of those things that probably doesn’t sound like much to the seasoned PvPer, but for someone who’s fairly new to the whole scene? It’s pretty darn cool.

Yesterday, my shaman Crysanith, picked up the achievement Hot Streak while doing 2s. Given the unpredictable nature of those arenas, where you could run in to double blood DKs, or another healer team, and just have the “Never-Ending Arena Match” (which ultimately end in a scored loss if you decide to wait out the timer) – it was just a funky achievement for me to get. 🙂


So far this season, I’ve only had a chance to do 2s and some RBGs, but that’s at least given me a chance to play with the differences in 5.2. Most noticeable are the priest changes. A big mechanic change for Nisa was the fact that her crit heals will never show that “big number”. Any critical heal will still heal for the same amount, but apply a shield to the healed target that equals the heal. So yes, this is amazingly key for halting incoming damage. But it still feels a little awkward because you just don’t see that person gaining health quickly like you would on a shaman. It’s a nice relief when Crysanith can throw a 240k heal on to a low arena teammate – I just don’t have that same thing with Nisa anymore. Have to retrain the brain to see the absorb shields the same way!

There are plans to hopefully get some 3s going soon. I’ve been capping points on Crys with a feral friend of mine. He’s also Canadian, and our team name is Tim Hortons, which is THE coolest thing ever and I love that he named it that! 😀 We’re hoping to add a rogue and see how things work with that, which I’m really looking forward to. So much more fun (and balanced) than 2s are.

I also took my first step in to 5.2 content and headed over to do the solo scenarios and dailies with Crys yesterday. That was definitely — interesting. Since they give conquest points beyond the arena cap, though, and she doesn’t have a scheduled RBG team, I guess I’ll be doing those every day!

Hope you all are having a blast with the new patch. 🙂

Herald of the Titans

This is a late post tonight – and two in one day! – but I had to put it up here.

I had a level 80 shaman that I used to play with a friend back in Wrath. I hadn’t touched her since then. When I saw that people were still going for Herald of the Titans, I decided: Why not?

I locked her XP, and with the help of some folks plus some regular ol’ grinding, I “downgraded” some of her ICC gear to be able to meet the Herald requirements.

Tonight I got the invite. I was all prepared (reforged, everything) to go in and DPS the heck out of the fight. But wait – they need me to heal! I hadn’t even set up a resto spec, not to mention I haven’t exactly shaman-healed much since the latest patch, but off I went to reforge again!

We went in to Ulduar with an Algalon lockout. Then we one-shot the fight.

If I’ve learned anything from the short time I’ve been recording kill videos, it’s to ALWAYS hit record. Even if it’s a first attempt. So if you’re interested in seeing Herald from a first-timer, not-used-to-resto-healing shaman perspective, here you go. 🙂

Twitterland Herald Run

Special thanks to all the Twitterland Folks that were there:


Savior of Azeroth

A very cool thing happened on Friday: I got to join Tranquility in heroic Dragon Soul. I was nervous as all get out, considering how long it had been since I’d done any heroic raiding – AND I had never killed more than 5/8H.

But guess what?

When Madness went down and the achievement popped, I could hardly believe it. I was in Skype and made some pretty darn excited sounds, apparently. 🙂

I finished heroic Icecrown Citadel in the last few months. This is the first time I’ve cleared a heroic raid while it’s current. Ever. I am thrilled they took me along. What an experience!

Light of Dawn

I’ve been after a kill of Heroic Lich King since, well, Wrath.

Tonight, I was lucky enough to get Mina in on a pug group – I watch a lot of WoW streams, and one of the main ones is Affinitii of Blood Legion. He did his weekly ICC 25, just an LK Heroic lock tonight. I got the guts to whisper him and was invited.

Despite being harder than it had to be because someone turned off the buff, we still killed it. I’m ridiculously happy, even though it wasn’t on my main toon. Instead, I get this title on a toon who is just over a month old! At least there’s an amusement factor to it. 😉

So yay for Mina — the Light of Dawn!

Rollin’ With Mah Horderlies

Last night, Mina got the awesome chance to get her little Goblin butt in to Dragon Soul with the guild. What a fun time!

I think she managed to pull her weight just fine, thanks to the lucky drops in LFR last week. Her rings and such still leave something to be desired, but hopefully it went well enough to get her an invite back in to their raids again!

She even healed on Spine. Which was – interesting, and somewhat terrifying. I’ve only ever healed that fight in LFR, and that wasn’t even on this particular toon. The numbers weren’t all that impressive for her there, but she managed to help keep people alive even without healing gear, so we’ll call it a win overall. 😉

Came out of there with a few new pieces of gear, which is very exciting. So a special hug going out to all the folks in the Horderlies that I was lucky enough to raid with. It was an absolute blast -you guys are a great group. 🙂

Goblin Fashion – So Cute!

It was Loot Day for Mina today! LFR paid dividends, and the trinket dropped in Well of Eternity. Starting to rock along pretty well now, that’s for sure. 🙂

And strangely enough, I actually *like* the shaman tier shoulders for her! I have never worn this current tier and not taken every opportunity to transmog. Her bank is completely full of transmog items – literally – and I’m not even going to touch the shoulders. I think they’re adorable!


I’m going to need to do something about the belt, and either hide my cloak or pick one for transmog… but overall, this is just way too cute at the moment to change.

I’m having a ton of fun with this little girl. Looking forward to getting the opportunity to hop in to a real raid and not just LFR at some point!

Max Horde Toon – Complete

On June 1st, I started a new alt so that I could have a max level Horde toon to play with lovely twitter folks who aren’t Alliance.

Last night, or I suppose this morning if we’re being technical, Minalyrith hit 85. I had reached 80 on Friday, and knew that I could push through the weekend to finish off the levelling. So last night I did!

Today, thanks to Rob’s amazing generousity, I had enough gear to hop in to Hour of Twilight heroics. A little bit more gear and a lovely surprise of a 397 belt, and it was off to do LFR.

Unfortunately, my luck in getting gear to drop — or win a roll if it does — seems to be as bad as ever. Even with other people to roll on my tokens, or weapons, I still came out of all 8 bosses with only a tier head piece. Although, I suppose that’s better than I normally do. One is more than zero! 😉

I’m looking forward to getting rid of my low ilvl blue trinkets. Hopefully that will come soon. Just need the reset on Tuesday, and then it’s back to LFR to try again.


A Whole New World

Well well, lookie here:


It’s a goblin on a Blue Wind Rider!

That’s right, thanks to the help of a wonderful fellow Horderlies member, Mina has reached level 60!

So we are off to Outland to do some actual questing. Haven’t really quested much along the way so far, so it might be a nice change of pace. Still going to be queuing for dungeons, of course, because they’re fun… but since I’ll actually have quests to fill queue times with, I’ll actually go DPS for the dungeon runs. I’ve been healing for the most part since level 30 so that I’m not stuck standing around with a long wait time, so time for something a little different. 🙂

Here’s hoping I can manage to stay away from Alliance areas and avoid getting killed too often. 😉

The Wee Goblin

My journey in to Horde is progressing well. Yesterday I was able to transfer a toon from Lightbringer and sent over a set of heirlooms. It’s all cloth, because I can use that both for my shaman and for the priest that I transferred and will level once I finally get Mina to 85. But experience boosts are experience boosts, right? 🙂

I’m mainly running dungeons at this point. I’ve tried questing, but I’m feeling extremely lost not being on Alliance. It seems painfully slow to be questing when I’m not sure how to get where I’m supposed to go! haha So once I got to level 30, I dual specced Mina in to Resto so that I could get faster queues and I can just level mostly via dungeons. I have never played a resto shaman at such a low level, and let me tell you – it’s kind of odd to only have healing wave. No HoT, no AoE… Thank goodness for Earth Shield!

So I’m up to level 36 with Mina now. That’s 11 levels since yesterday, so we’re moving along nicely. 🙂 Time to queue again and keep this moving!

Maeve’s Big Day!

Last night was a milestone of sorts for Maeve. I had been lucky enough to have her tag along for Spine/Madness on our guild clear Saturday night, netting her the achievement for killing Deathwing on something other than LFR, and a new belt and staff.

With all that, she finally had *just* enough gear that someone might give her a second look when they were trying to find a DPS for their run through Normal Dragon Soul. So I was eagerly awaiting Tuesday reset, and finally had the chance last night to put up that advertisement in trade chat.

No sooner had I typed out “390 Ele Shaman LF fresh DS” when I had a whisper come through, and off we went!

At this point, the Maeve who previously hadn’t had much of a care in the world, finally had a bit of nerves hit. We had joined basically a guild run, and they wanted to do Heroic Morchok. Looking at her gear, blushing at the 378’s and LFR gear still lingering around, the thought of being in on a Heroic kill was suddenly overwhelming. I know my stomach flipped a little.

But we forged ahead. They were aware of the lacking gear and wanted us to go anyway. So okay! Let’s get this party started.

And sure enough, Maeve received her first achievement for a Heroic kill in Dragon Soul. And a heroic belt. The night was off to a fairly pleasing start. 🙂

After that, things became less daunting as we turned back to regular difficulty to continue on. It was much more comfortable, both as far as the fights went, and with the raid group. I finally piped something up in vent, after listening to the casual banter and sharing some whispers of my DS experience with the raid leader.

Maeve picked up a grand total of FOUR new pieces of gear from that run last night. It was astounding. And actually rather amusing for everyone by the time the third one dropped – this was a guild run, after all. 😉 Just so happened that there were things she could use that nobody else could – ie: the mail caster belt. She only actually rolled on one thing, which was the Insignia trinket when it dropped, and the shadow priest won the roll. The things she actually got were rather default.

I am absolutely grateful to them for letting Maeve join their run. I even said I would join them on their Firelands run that they will be doing for staff items if they were short a DPS, just as a way to really say thank you.

And now I suppose I’m off to take care of Maeve’s gear… She sure does take advantage of my wallet sometimes. 🙂