An Alt Problem

It’s no big secret that I like to level toons. I have a fairly substantial list of 90s (granted, not nearly as many as some folks!), and I don’t particularly do a whole lot of serious end-game things. I’m slowly plodding through my legendary cloak on Nisa – a process that would be much faster if Secrets would actually DROP for me, but still – I’m trying! 🙂

My most recent 90, Dani, is a second monk for me. Seems easier than paying for the server transfers! haha I always have that moment of “thank goodness that’s done!” when a character finally reaches max level, and yet soon I start itching to do it again. I’m pretty sure it’s a sickness of some sort.

I’m currently working on what I hope to be my first ever max Paladin. I’ve started them before, but much the same as with Death Knights, they just never stuck. I would end up abandoning/deleting them, the poor little souls. Lessa, I hope, will stick around. Considering I have her at level 55 now, complete with mining and engineering ready to hit Outland, it’s looking good so far. This is the farthest I’ve made it with a Paladin, so finger’s crossed! Not only will this be my first Paladin, but it will also end up being my first of those two professions.

I wish I could make a legitimate living out of getting toons to max level – even with the annoying repetition of zones, I still come back to it day after day. And I’ll be doing it again soon, make no mistake about that! 😉