The Heirloom Conundrum

As I’m plugging away at levelling Danicarith (“Dani” – my second monk) I’ve run in to a very interesting thing.

I upgraded a couple of the older heirlooms, the chest and weapon, so they last up to level 85. As this means the XP bonus is effective up to 86, I’m wearing even more heirlooms than before now that I’ve headed off in to Pandaria (well, I snagged a new staff pretty quick, but the chest is a “new addition”).

It’s a real toss-up. Yes, the experience bonus is great. With all those heirlooms, the bonus experience is crazy high. However, the gear that drops and/or is received from quest rewards is a significant stat upgrade in comparison.

In the end, I’ve decided to just wear the heirlooms and I’ll replace them at 86 with some quest rewards that I’ve taken to hold on to in case I don’t have anything better at that point. But honestly, I think it would be interesting to see if the added stats on the Pandaria gear would actually cause a faster kill/questing speed to equal, or possibly even beat, the heirloom XP bonus.

The question has been stuck in my brain since yesterday when Dani headed off to the mist-covered lands. If you’ve ever looked in to comparing the two options, please let me know! 🙂

Dani chillin with Lorewalker Cho

Dani chillin with Lorewalker Cho