WoW Name Phonetics

A very interesting hashtag started going around on Twitter this morning. Phonetics for saying your WoW character names.

My first reaction was: “Oh boy, I’ve never even been able to figure out how to type ‘Avi’ phonetically, so everyone always says it differently.”

Of course, now my mind can’t stop thinking about it, and I’ve been staring at a word document listing a bunch of my toons and trying to figure out how these darn things are said!

So I figured I’d put it in a blog post and see if I could have it make any sense to someone other than myself. Included are the conversationally shortened names that I refer to them as myself, and any pronunciation changes that come from that.

Aviendhalith – ah-vee-en-da-lith

Avienith – ah-vee-en-ith

~I can count at least 3 different ways that “Avi” is often said, and I just roll with it. I don’t even know if ‘ah’ is the right way to type that sound. It’s just in my head. It’s not ay-vee, or aw-vee. But that probably doesn’t actually make it any more clear, and as long as it sounds sorta close to it, I’ll assume you’re talking to me anyway. 😉

Maevenith – may-veh-nith (Maeve – which changes to just mayv)

Meilanith – my-lah-nith (Mei)

Nisaolith – nih-say-o-lith (Nisa – which changes to Nee-sah)

Minalyrith – me-nah-leer-ith (Mina)

Linsharith – lin-sha-rith (Lin)

Crysanith – cris-ah-nith (Crys)

Sarinith – sah-rin-ith (Sari – which changes to sah-ree)

Lunatarith – loo-nah-tar-ith (Luna)

Cyndarith – sin-dah-rith (Cyn)

Lessanith – less-ah-nith (Lessa)


This has all probably served to clarify absolutely nothing for anyone, but I figured I’d give it my best shot! I’ve heard people in pugs and other groups try to stumble over entire character names, which is why I wanted to list the shorter forms that I’m used to as well.

Please, give my phonetically-challenged self a hand if you notice something I could make more clear, and feel free to ask for clarification in the comments! And if you want to get in on the “game” on Twitter, it’s using the hashtag #wownamephonetics.


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