Are You Ready? Season 13!

Well, this has been a very extended posting hiatus for me. There have been some personal things going on in my world, and it hasn’t exactly been encouraging to creativity – BUT! Let’s start giving this another go!

PvP has been a fairly interesting venture for me. I’m still getting the hang of “how to think” as an arena healer, but things seem to be working a little more smoothly. My priest even has an RBG team that she’s been running with a couple times a week, which is rather cool.

This first week of 5.2, while we wait for Season 13, has meant grinding BGs to flush out the last bit of Malevolent gear that I didn’t quite get to on both my priest and my shaman during the last season. They’re both fully epic’d out now, and looking forward to arena’s starting up again. I haven’t decided who I want to focus on more yet. I’ve heard good things about priests in 5.2, but as I never did play on the PTR, it’s going to be something I’ll have to see for myself. I definitely really enjoy my shaman a lot – I like feeling as though I play a more active role in an arena than I do on my priest. So, I suppose we’ll see! Of course, both of them will get played, but we’re really looking to focus on a solid 3s team this season. We still need to find that third to fill the spot, though!

I’ve started levelling a Paladin in the meantime as well. She’s not quite level 40, but she’ll get levelled up eventually. That healer dungeon grind on a fully heirloomed toon isn’t too terribly taxing. 🙂 Paladin healing feels like a whole different ball game than what I’m used to, so it’s been rather interesting so far.

Still haven’t seen any of the new 5.2 content that was released last Tuesday… but perhaps one day!

Hope everyone out there has been enjoying themselves. 🙂

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