Polar Opposites

A funny thing occurred to me when I went to log in to WoW today. As I looked at my character selection screen, trying to determine what I was going to do first, I realized just how different my two priests are.



Avi is quietly confident, while still being a little unsure of herself in new situations. When she knows what’s going on in a dungeon or a raid, she knows that she can heal the heck out of anything. She knows her abilities, and she knows how to use them. She rocks around Pandaria, making friends with all the different factions, and generally gets things done.

She can even switch things up and kick some butt when she wants to switch over to shadow. She’s had to do that for multiple raids, and has managed to hold her own. (Well, okay, there was that first night where I cast Hymn and then forgot to go back in to shadow-form, but we just don’t talk about that anymore 😉 )


Then there’s Nisa. Less sure of her footing when she steps in to a battleground or an arena, and not entirely certain how to best keep herself or her teammates alive, she nevertheless jumps right on in and gives it a shot. She’s more carefree. Of course, she still wants to do her best, but she’s just trying to carve out a little spot of sense in the PvP world. She just wants to stay alive long enough to learn how to be useful, and is getting progressively better!

Despite being nearly identical as Disc priests, except a couple of talents and glyphs, they are vastly different characters. The caution and precision from one, and the “let it all loose” from the other – completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

And you know what? I rather like it. 🙂

One thought on “Polar Opposites

  1. Legolene says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one out there with two priests, of the same discipline (disc!) – although, mine are human and worgen. Lovely to have found your blog.

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