I’m Hunting Wabbits

Well, okay, it was more hunting mantids rather than rabbits, I suppose – but it was still fun!

I’ve been having connection issues to Deathwing for the past couple days, so it gave me time to jump on my alliance hunter who is over on Lightbringer and really focus on her.

Last night, Cyndarith reached level 90.


Because she was Alliance, it also triggered another achieve that I had been wanting:


Levelling my hunter was just such a blast. Of all the classes I’ve levelled so far, it was very much the easiest. Just ran through and let my pets eat all the mobs! 😉

Cyn has now proven that she was, in fact, a double agent – she’s gone Horde. She’s an adorable Pandaren hunter now! Hopefully my connection to Deathwing stabilizes soon, and I can transfer her over to be with the rest of my toons.

One thought on “I’m Hunting Wabbits

  1. Grats! I should get on leveling my Forsaken for the Double Agent. I need a pet battle intervention, lol.

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