The Quintessential Quintet

Short post today, because it’s been a crazy week of being ill and playing WoW – but I had to put this up!

After finishing with Sari last weekend, I hopped on my monk, Linsharith, to really focus on her. Picked up in Northrend on Monday, and pushed to 80 to join up with my levelling buddy on his warrior. I had levelled her basically the entire way to 85 as Mistweaver, but last night at 86 I had some experience catching up to do (since she had no rest), so while he went to record his podcast, I got to learn how-to-Windwalker.

I got a crash course, and off I went. Holy crow, is it ever fun! After meeting up in Kun-lai again, we toyed around with our spec combination, and levelled through 87 as a DPS duo (Fury/WW). Stuff pretty much melted. Once in Townlong, though, we needed a little bit more survivability, and he tanked while I DPS’d.

Tonight, Lin became my sixth 90 (while he got is fourth – woot!!), and completed the Quintessential Quintet achievement! Nice little sidebar there – now back to the VP grind on Avi, I suppose! πŸ˜‰


One thought on “The Quintessential Quintet

  1. Cymre says:

    Congrats on another 90 πŸ™‚

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