The Plate Experience

I decided to pull Sarinith, my Death Knight, off the sidelines this weekend. Swapped in to Blood spec and off she went to explore Pandaria for herself instead of just hearing about it.

It was definitely a different levelling experience. It’s my first toon to be quite that survivable going through those zones. She did less damage, too, but that only mattered for the first couple of levels.

I will say… This is my seventh toon to go through Valley of the Four Winds at 86, and I have *never* had the kind of problems that I did with Sari. It was as though Saturday was “bored 90 PvP” day – I was getting killed repeatedly by different level 90 toons the entire time. I’ve never been so glad that 86 had so many different questing hubs as I was this time, because it gave me the option to zig-zag around the zone. I had half-finished questlines everywhere, as I waited for those people to find somewhere else to be. The instant I hit 87 I headed for the hills.

At this point, I met up with a friend who was levelling his shaman, and we were off. Ultimate role-reversal with me as the tank and him as DPS, but I actually kind of had fun with it! I had very rarely touched Blood aside from levelling, so it was a neat learning thing for me. There were a few rough spots here and there, but in the end we hit 90 without dying.

Hopped in to some heroics last night (back in lovely Frost spec). I didn’t do *amazing* DPS, but it seemed as though I was holding my own, and actually rather liked how it felt. I just might do some more with her, even though I wasn’t really “in to” her in Cata. Pretty fun!

So, adding Sari to the list of “official” alts as my fifth 90. Almost getting everyone there. 🙂

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