The Shado-Pan!

I have never been as excited to log in to a toon for the *sole* purpose of doing dailies as I was today.

This was the day that Avi finally completed her Shado-Pan rep.

The finale quest for Shado-Pan was one of the few times that I’ve really paid attention to NPC say/yells, and was rather epic. I don’t want to throw out spoilers here, but I will say this: do it!

They’re not really “necessary” quests, as they only open up after you reach exalted, but the reward is worth it, if you ask me!

And, of course, the main reason that I wanted to reach exalted with Shado-Pan — kitty mounts! Since it’s not a style that’s typically available to Horde, they were super appealing to me, and I’m incredibly happy that I finally have them for all of my toons!

That was the last real “need” I had to do dailies. Granted, this was more of a personal goal than one that was gear-driven, but now I can just do dailies on this particular toon if someone wants company or I feel like doing random ones for other factions to finish them up to exalted. 🙂

One thought on “The Shado-Pan!

  1. Grats! I didn’t know that mount was at the end of the run and now I have to get it someday…curse you! LOL I am impressed you have 4 90s already too. I need to get going. I have slacked off for some reason this expansion but I am having so much fun. Fury Warrior 90 Shadow Preist 88 Restro Druid 87…working on them. Happy Hunting on your travels.

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