A Terrific Trio

Well, can’t say there isn’t stuff to do in WoW right now! Where have I been? Take a look at this:

At times, I feel as though I’m sort of flitting around with zero attention span because there are so many different things to do – and all at the same time. But as I’m reaching a few “milestones” in game right now, it seemed like a good time to stop and actually get a blog post out. So, let’s update you all on what’s going on.

Luna, my druid, reached level 90 yesterday. She makes my fourth max level toon, but with two of the previous ones being shamans, she was the one who triggered the Terrific Trio achievement for me. She hoofed it (haha, she’s a Tauren) to the flight trainer at the Shrine and without hesitation purchased the ability to fly in Pandaria. That was a big goal for me: to have my herbalist able to fly. Mission accomplished!

Avi has obviously been my main focus. Rep grinds are basically complete for her, since exalted level doesn’t have much in the way of gear rewards (two quest ones, yes), so I pretty much stopped doing dailies as I hit revered with each faction. I have been continuing to do Shado-Pan dailies, because I want those kitty mounts! I should be exalted with them in three more days, and I can’t wait. There is a quest at exalted which rewards an Onyx Cloud Serpent, which I’m also looking forward to getting. 🙂 There are some dailies for August Celestials that I enjoy doing, so I’ve been hitting up the Temple of the White Tiger on those days and moving that rep towards actually being complete.

Mina is slowly coming up behind her. She’s got a high enough item level to run LFR, and will be getting revered with Golden Lotus today – if the login servers start working again at least! That will open up the Shado-Pan and August Celestials dailies for her, too, so it’s even *more* stuff for her to work on. heh It’s definitely needed though, because she was coming close to hitting the 3000 VP cap without having any way to upgrade the pieces she really needed to. She’s got a neck from LFR, and both rings from Headless Horseman, so she really needed a vendor to open up and upgrade some lower ilvl pieces quickly!

Crys and Luna are both able to run heroics, and they do their Tillers farming to provide cooking mats to my other toons (who are planting Songbells for motes). For the time being, neither will do the major rep dailies, because there already isn’t enough time in the day. Or enough of my sanity to actually do that sort of thing. 😉 5.1 will bring in a nice change though, with the bonus to reputation. Altoholics rejoice!

Nisa, my alt priest, is 83 and moving along when there’s someone else to run with – and if we’re not working on something with a max level toon. I’m having fun with Lin, who is levelling as Mistweaver. Monk heals have such a neat feel to them, and the graphics are super pretty as well. Once things settle down, it will be nice to get her to 90 and get the feel for that gameplay.

OH! And this was finally the year when I got the Headless Horseman mount. Running the daily on all three toons who could do it, every day, I slipped in under the wire with just a few days to spare. It couldn’t have happened in a better pug, either. They were cheering and congratulating me, and it made that moment even more awesome. I love people like that.

So that about sums up where all MY time has been spent… How about you? Are you working on alts or solely playing on a main toon? Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re having tons of fun!

4 thoughts on “A Terrific Trio

  1. navimie says:

    Gets on your headless horseman mount! And omg 4 90s… my mind is boggled.
    And hoping you feel better soon Avi.

  2. Avi says:

    heh, figured if i at least got them levelled, i could work on other stuff later!
    and thanks. <3

  3. Lauren says:

    Gratz on the terrific trio! and even more gratz on the HH mount! … I’ve been after that for years! But then again, I didn’t participate in the event this year as I didn’t have a character high enough to enter!

    I started playing a druid in MoP, and shes only 53 and I really want her to be my first 90, so I still have all of Pandaria to look forward too! I’ll be the n00b that everyone’s staring at when I go “WOAH, look at this place! :D” when I finally get to 85, and they’ll be like “Dude? You’re like a month late”

    But my excuse is I have been playing Guild Wars 2 a lot lately! Lots of fun… 🙂

    • Avi says:

      haha! well, hey, better late than never – there are some super gorgeous places in Pandaria! Wait until you get sent to the Temple of the White Tiger at 87… i couldn’t help but stop and take screenshots — and then I went back when i could fly to get others!
      have a blast with your druid! 🙂

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