Quick Update from the Mists

It sure has been a busy time in this last little bit! Outside of work, I’ve been fully immersed in the wonder that is Pandaria.

I reached 90 with Avi on Thursday and started the rep grind with dailies. There sure is a lot of stuff to do!  I’ve also been running heroics to get some gear upgrades, though I have been doing them as Shadow so far. I wanted to be able to get a little bit more spirit from gear before I tried healing them. As this is the first time I’ve gone in to new content as a healer, I’m easing myself in slowly to make sure that I’m comfortable with it. I’ll get there, though! 🙂

Mina has reached level 88 – and has become Pandaren! I do believe the race change helped restore my love for her, and I seem to have gotten a bit of a feel back for the Elemental play style as well. It’s been great fun. I also transferred an 80 shaman off of an abandoned server – Crysanith is now a second Pandaren shaman for me on Deathwing, and she is also 88. I’ve been levelling those two along with a friend on his two toons, which has been awesome after solo levelling the priest.

I’ve been working here and there on Luna, who is now 86, but she keeps getting side-tracked while questing as she dashes off to go grab yet another sparkling herb. 😉 I want her to reach max level soon-ish so that she will be able to fly around and really get to collecting those herbs!

Professions have been amazingly quick to level. I have Inscription, Tailoring, Enchanting, and Alchemy all at 600. Tailoring was the only one that really required me to level a toon to finish – Mina had to get to 87 and do the questline to reach the Shrine of Two Moons so she could access the vendor.

I’m hoping that something will be done for alts to not require the reputations to purchase the epic patterns from the different factions. Avi is working on the reputation grind for gear, and it is going to be a fairly long haul to finish those on just one character. It doesn’t take a *lot* of time to do the dailies, but the idea of needing to do all of that on each alt with a profession every day to try and reach revered is daunting to say the least.

All in all, though, this expansion has started off wonderfully. I hope you are all having a great time in Pandaria!