Get Ready for Mists!

Mists of Pandaria launch is swiftly approaching, and the majority of players are on the edge of their seats waiting for the new content to arrive.

We’ve all been working on in-game expansion prep for the last while, whether it’s maxing out some professions, finishing up an alt, or any other stuff on your own personal check-list. But are you – the person – ready to enter Pandaria?

For those people who are planning to rush towards 90, there is definitely some real life planning that goes in to doing so. It means altered sleep schedules, easy food, and provisions for responsibilities. When Cata launched, that morning was garbage day at my house – thinking of that ahead of time meant that everything was simply put out early so I didn’t forget about it while I was go-go in game working to 85.

I won’t be online when Mists goes live, I’ll be sleeping. I can only get away with being away from work for about three days in a row, so I made the call to start my time off on Wednesday. That way, I have five straight days available to get my toons in to Pandaria, while not having to worry about little things like getting enough sleep. 😉

I’m planning to get my priest to 90 ASAP after I log in Tuesday afternoon, so this seemed like an ideal time to re-arrange my living room like I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I wanted to get my computer back underneath a hanging lamp in my living room, so that I can have a better lit area to sit in as well as be next to the window for some fresh air. Yesterday, I made that happen. Ideal computer set up: check!

I made sure that I have bread and peanut butter. Monday evening will see me making sandwiches to pack up and put in the fridge so there is easy, fast access to food.

One of my most important arrangements, though – and this is something I learned from doing the Cata rush – is that my two youngest dogs will be going to stay with my mom for those few days. They are so energetic, on the move, and eager to interact with me that they (understandably) would be driven nuts by this kind of marathon gaming session. My two older dogs don’t care. Heck, one of Russ’ favourite activities is “finding blankets to sleep under.” So the older guys will be staying home with me, but the other rascals will have their own mini-holiday. 🙂

All in all, I feel like I’m set, both in game and out, to jump right in to Pandaria. The order of toons I’m going to level will depend entirely on how long it takes Avi to reach 90. I’d like to do Luna second, so that she can level her herbalism, but I’ve got to get Mina levelled up too. So it’s currently a toss up between druid or shaman to be my second 90 – but I guess we’ll see soon enough!

Are you ready for this new adventure? Anything special that you’re doing for the start of the expansion?

Herald of the Titans

This is a late post tonight – and two in one day! – but I had to put it up here.

I had a level 80 shaman that I used to play with a friend back in Wrath. I hadn’t touched her since then. When I saw that people were still going for Herald of the Titans, I decided: Why not?

I locked her XP, and with the help of some folks plus some regular ol’ grinding, I “downgraded” some of her ICC gear to be able to meet the Herald requirements.

Tonight I got the invite. I was all prepared (reforged, everything) to go in and DPS the heck out of the fight. But wait – they need me to heal! I hadn’t even set up a resto spec, not to mention I haven’t exactly shaman-healed much since the latest patch, but off I went to reforge again!

We went in to Ulduar with an Algalon lockout. Then we one-shot the fight.

If I’ve learned anything from the short time I’ve been recording kill videos, it’s to ALWAYS hit record. Even if it’s a first attempt. So if you’re interested in seeing Herald from a first-timer, not-used-to-resto-healing shaman perspective, here you go. 🙂

Twitterland Herald Run

Special thanks to all the Twitterland Folks that were there:


Healing Thoughts

Perusing Twitter as I normally do, I came across this link today:

10 Reasons People Don’t Heal

I loved it. I giggled at: Not “save the world by by enthusiastically patching up your group’s assorted grazed knees and bumps on the head.” The whole thing really does ring true, especially the parts about perfectionism and responsibility.

When I played EQ2, I was a healer. I had a couple of other alts, but my main toon, my raider, the first incarnation of “Avi” – that was a healer. My guild then was a group of people that basically all knew at least one other person in real life. We weren’t go-go-progression or anything, but we liked raiding.

And still, I was a nervous wreck come raid time.

For me, it’s that inner perfectionist. It’s not wanting to “fail” my group by letting someone die, even if it wasn’t my fault. Yes, that DPS shouldn’t have stood in the pool of lava that was spewed on them – but dang it, why am I not a miracle worker?

Ridiculous, right? I completely acknowledge that. But that’s why, when I started playing WoW, I went DPS. That was it, that’s what I did. I started my Elemental Shaman and I was good to go. The only time I ever healed anything during Wrath was when I would add whatever bit of healing I could for the Dreamwalker fight.

A while in to Cataclysm, I actually put together a semi-useful set of healing gear and started running dungeons as Resto. It wasn’t all that bad! I still didn’t heal in raids, though. My focus was DPS. Even when I rolled Luna (my druid), I levelled her up with resto and didn’t like how it felt at 85.

However, now I have my priest, and I love it. I’ve been running as heals in our raids for the most part over the last few weeks. I actually don’t mind being a healer. I know that Disc is reportedly not amazing for Mists, but gosh darn it I’m going to try and make it work. Because while I don’t mind resto shaman, I actually enjoy healing with my priest.

Did you hear that? I enjoy healing again. Perfectionism included. Being useful to my raid team, and liking the mechanic of that class, have made it an amazing experience.

So if you’re trying to decide if you want to roll a healer, my advice would be this: give them all a shot. One might not be the right “fit” for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that healing is out, just that you haven’t found your niche. Who knows, you might be surprised.

I know I was. 🙂