Look, a Melee Toon!

My druid, Luna, went kitty at 85, but the entire time she was levelling, she was balance/resto.

Sarinith – a Blood Elf Death Knight –  is the first time I’ve actually *levelled* as melee. And today, this happened:

It has been a very interesting experience for me. Even playing Luna, melee is still a different concept. Plus the rune/runic power system is still a little bit boggling to me. But I’m getting there. I’ve tanked some stuff here and there, and I’m generally having fun trying to get the hang of the whole thing.

Also – you can tell I have a rather set levelling plan… This screenshot looks an awful lot like Avi’s 85 one! heh

Now to see about getting Sari geared. Should be interesting. I need MoP to hit – too many alts levelled lately!  This marks my seventh 85, but at least I’m still having fun doing it. 🙂


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