Pre-MoP Adventures

In the final weeks of pre-expansion, I’m trying to fill my time with things that are actually fun. Random HoTs for valor, or LFR, are all well and good – but oh my gosh are they full of people trolling lately. I still want to get LFR done this week, just on Avi and Luna – they can still use some gear – but I’m not jumping to do it on everyone like I used to.

The last few days, I’ve been spending my evenings running a friend’s lowbie shaman through dungeons. He started at 33 the other day, and we got him to 57 today. Side note here – you can access Blackrock Spire at 48. If you are levelling someone (or being levelled), DO IT. The experience gains in there are *spectacular* with an 85 smashing (or swiping, in my case) through. We did a quick run through Sunken Temple when he was at 50 and could do the quests, but otherwise, it’s been solely BRS. And he’s levelled FAST.

I must admit, this is definitely going to be something I will miss about “Have group, will travel” being removed from the game. It allowed me to jump around on my higher level toons and summon him in to instances even though that particular toon of his is on a different server. I won’t have the option to get him places come MoP, unless they allow summoning stones to work cross-server, which I don’t believe is in the cards.

I’ve also been levelling a Death Knight – Sarinith. While this isn’t the first time I’ve created a DK, it’s the first one I’ve actually managed to get past the starting level of 55 and not quickly deleted. As of this post, she’s level 79 and making the final push towards Cata content. The levelling experience has been a little different than what I’m used to. For starters, this is the first melee toon I’ve actually levelled. Luna went kitty at 85. But I’m also destroying things when I’m questing. So I’m doing much more questing than I’ve done previously – aside from perhaps my original shaman-Avi… But I think even she did a lot of dungeon levelling. With Sari, I’ve been carefully planning out when I will queue for which specific dungeons, in Wrath in particular, to make sure I only go in to them when I will have quests available. After that, they’re off my queue list, and I keep questing until I’m at the appropriate level for the next. It’s made levelling feel just a touch different, even though I’m still following the same zone/questing pattern that I always have.

The goal is to have Sari hit 85 this weekend. That will get me to seven toons at level 85, which I honestly didn’t think would ever happen. Granted, three of those seven are elemental shamans, but let’s not nitpick. 😉  It will also tip the scales of max-level toons in favour of my new home on the Deathwing server, which is an interesting (and happy) feeling.

I still have some professions to grind, but Avi has reached 525 in her inscription, so that’s one thing to check off the list!

How about you? Do you have any goals that you’ve accomplished – or are still trying to accomplish – before September 25th?

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