The Perpetual Caster Goes – Kitty?

My druid, Luna, has been strictly my herbing/alchemy toon for some time now. It was well before the new ZA/ZG dungeons that I stopped running her in anything. I wasn’t a big fan of druid heals, and moonkin has always felt awkward to me.

Recently, I picked up some pvp items, dusted off the ol’ mookin form, and headed off to some HoTs to try and collect agility gear. I got the last necessary piece today, and headed to the druid trainer to pick up a feral spec.


This is going to be *highly* amusing – if not a little frustrating – for someone who has never played a melee beyond a few starter levels of a toon. However, I have some great help lined up (and he may or may not have kinda convinced me to go feral in the first place), so I’ll at least have a hand while I try to understand energy, and combo points, and this whole new idea.

Here’s hoping we get the hang of being a kitty, cause Luna needs some time to shine too! 🙂

One thought on “The Perpetual Caster Goes – Kitty?

  1. Yay! Yay for another kitty! You too will now bite everyone on the butt!

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