Wait a Minute – Horde?

I’ve been a serious Alliance player since I first began playing WoW. I’d dabbled in a Horde toon here and there, but my Draenei shaman has *always* been my main.

That is, until now.

After much agonizing, putting off decisions much longer than I probably should have, and trying desperately to keep everyone around me happy – at the expense of my own comfort – I made the jump.

Back at the beginning of June, I was lucky enough to join up with the great folks in the Horderlies on Deathwing. It was a neat “alt experience” to have some Horde toons and hang out in such a wonderful guild. But due to other circumstances on the Alliance side, I started feeling a heck of a lot more at HOME in this guild than I did over on my supposed main toon.

I approached the ever-amazing Hoofit about becoming a permanent raider with Horderlies, and had the idea welcomed with enthusiasm. A little more internal turmoil, but I finally did it. I cemented the decision by transferring Lunatarith (my druid) over to Deathwing as well, because she’s my herb/alchemist that supports my main toon. So, with Mina becoming my main Ele — the druid had to follow!

Just wanted to let everyone know what was going on, and give a quick little hello to the new main plus the new Horderlies. 🙂


Elemental Shaman


Discipline Priest


Herbalism Druid


The guys managed to talk Luna in to doing Archaeology over the weekend, so she’s now maxed out and joining in the search for the Vial of the Sands pattern for the guild. It seems we’re all just crazy! 😉

3 thoughts on “Wait a Minute – Horde?

  1. Hoofit says:

    Archaeology???? YoU’rE cRaZy!!!!!!

  2. The only negative thing I found about going Horde after years as Alliance was my insistence on approaching those Alliance flight masters, lol. Took me forever to remember, hey, that’s the enemy.

  3. Joe says:

    Have a great time with Horderlies you will be missed

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