Tales of a Priest

I’ve got to say – I completely enjoyed levelling a Discipline Priest.

I transferred Avienith to Deathwing to give Mina heirlooms. At that point, she sat there at level 10 until the 6th of this month when I decided to pick her up again. Today, I reached 85.


I’m surprised it went as quickly as it did. I haven’t managed to “grasp” Shadow yet, so once I got in to Wrath levels and had to quest for efficient levelling, it was a little interesting to have to kill quest mobs in Disc spec.

This was multiplied once I reached Cata, but I took a slightly different approach to questing on this toon. Because Mina can get the head enchant, I was able to hit my beloved Vash’jir when I hit 80. It made me SO HAPPY to not have to go through Hyjal. I still moved on to Deepholm at 82, but I completely finished that zone before I moved on, which took me about halfway through 83.  In Uldum, I only did the Harrison Jones questline so that I could open up the dungeon quests in Halls of Origination. I didn’t do any of the level 82 dungeons until this point. Shortly in to 84, I finished there and headed to Twilight Highlands.

Dungeon quests and Crucible of Carnage saved me a lot of trouble in Highlands. Things don’t die nearly as fast as on my shamans, so all the “kill things” quests took a little bit longer, but I still managed. At least I wasn’t *dying* because I was healing myself the whole time – go atonement! 😉

Now the real fun: time to see if I can manage healing on the priest at max level. Let the games begin!

Do you have any advice for a newbie Disc healer? If you do, please let me know!


2 thoughts on “Tales of a Priest

  1. Congratulations on 85! That’s interesting, on my server no one’s ever around the Highlands to do the Crucible of Carnage, but on the bright side more Twilight Jasmine for me!

    • Avi says:

      Thanks!! There weren’t really a whole lot of people out in TH, but there was a rogue that wanted to do it, and had an 85 DK buddy… so we 3-manned it. 🙂

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