Light of Dawn

I’ve been after a kill of Heroic Lich King since, well, Wrath.

Tonight, I was lucky enough to get Mina in on a pug group – I watch a lot of WoW streams, and one of the main ones is Affinitii of Blood Legion. He did his weekly ICC 25, just an LK Heroic lock tonight. I got the guts to whisper him and was invited.

Despite being harder than it had to be because someone turned off the buff, we still killed it. I’m ridiculously happy, even though it wasn’t on my main toon. Instead, I get this title on a toon who is just over a month old! At least there’s an amusement factor to it. 😉

So yay for Mina — the Light of Dawn!

One thought on “Light of Dawn

  1. Tell Mina grats! She looks lovely with her new title. I know, I always get the things I want on the wrong character. It’s like a law or something I think!

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