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Summer combined with the end of an expansion is causing a real lull for a lot of people. For me, it’s meant that I’m not currently raiding “seriously” on my main, I’ve found a wonderful spot for a new alt, and I’m just enjoying the game and the people around me. It’s led me to think about why I’ve chosen the guilds that I currently play with, and I thought I would pose this topic to all of you.

Why are you in your current guild? What is it about them that made you choose to join up, and what keeps you around?

For some of you, it may be hardcore progression raiding. It may be a place to hang out, chat, and run some five-mans or old content raids. Whatever it is – there’s some reason why we choose the guilds that we do.

My main guild is Tranquility. I’ve been a member there for over a year now, and I liked their raid schedule and general attitude when I was looking for a new place after Team Squishy. It is a 25-man raiding group that raids 2-3 times a week. We make decent progress (Dragon Soul was cleared on normal mode prior to any nerfs, and then moved on to heroics), but we still have fun. That’s what I like about it – I enjoy raiding, but am not the sort of person to want to be “hardcore go go” and dislike a bunch of my raid-mates. Vent is filled with all kinds of banter (between pulls and when the raid leader isn’t giving instruction, of course), and we genuinely enjoy spending those 6-9 hours a week killing things together. It reminds me a lot of the first place I called home (Dark Legacy was the first place I raided), and in fact some people from DL joined up with Tranquility after I did. It’s not as close-knit as a 10-man raiding group, but I’ve formed some amazing friendships with quite a few of those people.

When I decided to create a horde toon, I rolled her on a friend’s server and joined the Horderlies. The core is some real life friends, and that foundation makes for one of my favourite types of guilds. They raid 10-man, and it’s fun while still getting content down. There is a chat room that we go to during the day while we are all at work, so even being a newer member, I really feel comfortable around these guys. Team Squishy had this same sort of start – it was a bunch of us who knew each other in real life. It makes for an amazingly close group, and that turns raiding – or even things like running 5-man heroics – in to a great time all around.

So it would appear that my key points for an “ideal” guild are great people, good attitudes, and raiding. I don’t need to be world-first, I just like to be able to balance progression with the wonderful people around me. And luckily, I appear to have found a place to do that on both factions. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Guild Contemplations

  1. You are lucky! After watching trade on my server it always makes me happy to read about guilds with good attitudes and great people, it restores my faith that they’re out there.

    I’m sure there are some on my server too but the time of day I’m on I think I’m stuck with the kids who are skipping school, lol!

    • Avi says:

      lol awww! I do feel quite lucky. I consider myself fortunate to be around so many wonderful people. Tranquility is a very large guild, but the officers do a great job in managing the people who join (via basically constant open recruitment – either for possible raid spots or just casual members). It’s outlined right in their general guild rules:

      “Be respectful of your fellow guild members.

      Direct or indirect slurs, comments and remarks regarding race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited. We have a fairly open mind here at Tranquility, and accept people for who they are, we expect each and every member of Tranquility to do the same. This includes but is not limited to comments made in any chat channel in game (guild, raid, general, trade and LFG, etc…)and on Ventrillo.”

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