Rollin’ With Mah Horderlies

Last night, Mina got the awesome chance to get her little Goblin butt in to Dragon Soul with the guild. What a fun time!

I think she managed to pull her weight just fine, thanks to the lucky drops in LFR last week. Her rings and such still leave something to be desired, but hopefully it went well enough to get her an invite back in to their raids again!

She even healed on Spine. Which was – interesting, and somewhat terrifying. I’ve only ever healed that fight in LFR, and that wasn’t even on this particular toon. The numbers weren’t all that impressive for her there, but she managed to help keep people alive even without healing gear, so we’ll call it a win overall. 😉

Came out of there with a few new pieces of gear, which is very exciting. So a special hug going out to all the folks in the Horderlies that I was lucky enough to raid with. It was an absolute blast -you guys are a great group. 🙂

One thought on “Rollin’ With Mah Horderlies

  1. Joe says:

    I am happy that you found another great guild.

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