Pug Raiding Technicalities

So, in the interest of trying to find something to do tonight – and not having any sort of regularly scheduled raiding at the moment – I decided that I would go out and see about getting in to a pug. Avi’s got heroic experience, so finding a DS isn’t a huge deal… Just needed to find one that actually wanted to do *some* heroics at least.

I got in to one, a mostly guild run, and the folks seemed super nice. Vent was friendly, and one of the tanks was a woman so I actually felt comfortable speaking instead of sticking to raid chat.

Things moved along fairly well. We even nearly got heroic Yor’sahj down, but the pug healer couldn’t quite manage the healing debuff. C’est la vie. Normal kills are fine when I’m just killing time! Not only that, but these guys were a fun group, and were wanting me to come back to join them in the future since I don’t have anything set up on a weekly basis for now.

However, the issues started after we killed Warmaster. The mage in group (also a pug) rolled on some side-grade boots, and won because nobody else wanted them. He then also rolled on the tier helm that dropped. He won the roll, but out of “fairness”, the master looter decided that the (guild) rogue would receive the tier because the mage had won the previous item. Obviously, this didn’t go over so well. There was nothing laid out like that at the beginning of raid, everything was simply open roll. Granted, the mage was kind of a jerk about it in vent (hello profanity and super offensive insults), but I could completely see his point. I would have been ticked off if I was in his shoes. He left, and we went on to kill Spine with 9 people.

Stuff kind of hit the fan after that. The agility trinket dropped, and holy loot drama. This was *entirely* guild-centred. The rogue, hunter, and bear tank all rolled. The rogue won the roll. I watched this all unfold with a mix of amusement and that “can’t look away from the train-wreck” sort of feeling. By the loot master’s own definitions, the loot *should* have been passed to the hunter, who had the next highest roll, because the rogue had just won tier. And the hunter argued this. The bear tank started complaining because that was the only piece of gear he wanted from this whole run. It was a big mess of every single bit of loot whining on the books.

In the midst of all this, the pug healer left, and I called it quits myself. It’s after 1AM, and I’m not going to sit around bothering to see if they can find two more people – including a healer – to kill Deathwing. I don’t need loot, and I sure don’t need to listen to all that.

Moral of the story: if you’re going to pug people in to your run full of mostly guild members, make loot rules clear at the beginning. I think it’s awesome if you do fair loot distribution in your guild. That’s perfect, and it makes for an evenly geared raid team. But if you don’t *tell* people that pug in this fact, there is going to be issues. If I had been denied a piece of loot that I needed because off the off-spec boots I had just won, I would have had something to say about it too.

Oh, and the controversy between guildies over a piece of loot? Not exactly inspiring me to join you again another week. Just throwing that out there. 😉

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