Now THAT’s a Dagger

The other day, Mina made it to Northrend and started the long grind of queuing up and *only* running Utgarde Keep for a while. That place sure does get dull fast. 😉

But, on the first run through, she picked up Keleseth’s Blade of Evocation to hold on to until it could be used at level 70. It wasn’t until I was able to equip it that I realized that this was one HECK of a dagger!


I’m a shaman with a sword! This is definitely being kept for transmog purposes. I love how it looks with the little Goblin!

Speaking of transmog, I’ve been keeping basically every single piece of mail gear that drops or comes from a quest reward. My bank was crying until I got a wonderful “donation” of some good sized bags to store things in. (Thanks Rob!)

So we’re at level 71 now. So far, only one death to Alliance NPCs – I apparently flew a little bit too close to Star’s Rest and they took offense to that. I’m sure it won’t be the last! lol Also coming up on finishing all six Horde repuations. Just Thunder Bluff left to go, and I believe I’m almost done with that. Those tabards sure do make it easy when you run dungeons as much as I do. 🙂


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