A Whole New World

Well well, lookie here:


It’s a goblin on a Blue Wind Rider!

That’s right, thanks to the help of a wonderful fellow Horderlies member, Mina has reached level 60!

So we are off to Outland to do some actual questing. Haven’t really quested much along the way so far, so it might be a nice change of pace. Still going to be queuing for dungeons, of course, because they’re fun… but since I’ll actually have quests to fill queue times with, I’ll actually go DPS for the dungeon runs. I’ve been healing for the most part since level 30 so that I’m not stuck standing around with a long wait time, so time for something a little different. 🙂

Here’s hoping I can manage to stay away from Alliance areas and avoid getting killed too often. 😉

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