The Wee Goblin

My journey in to Horde is progressing well. Yesterday I was able to transfer a toon from Lightbringer and sent over a set of heirlooms. It’s all cloth, because I can use that both for my shaman and for the priest that I transferred and will level once I finally get Mina to 85. But experience boosts are experience boosts, right? 🙂

I’m mainly running dungeons at this point. I’ve tried questing, but I’m feeling extremely lost not being on Alliance. It seems painfully slow to be questing when I’m not sure how to get where I’m supposed to go! haha So once I got to level 30, I dual specced Mina in to Resto so that I could get faster queues and I can just level mostly via dungeons. I have never played a resto shaman at such a low level, and let me tell you – it’s kind of odd to only have healing wave. No HoT, no AoE… Thank goodness for Earth Shield!

So I’m up to level 36 with Mina now. That’s 11 levels since yesterday, so we’re moving along nicely. 🙂 Time to queue again and keep this moving!

2 thoughts on “The Wee Goblin

  1. After being Alliance only for years, I think my first Horde character was killed by every, and I mean every Alliance Flight Master in the game. It took forever to remember we were now enemies!

    • Avi says:

      haha! oh, I’m so afraid of this come Outland/Northrend stuff… there are some zones that I just *love* questing in at that point, so I know I’m not going to do strictly dungeons once i get to that level… Pretty sure there’s some flight masters out there that are going to kick my butt. 😉

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