And It’s Alt Time!

Well, with cancellation of raid tonight due to attendance issues, that’s also effectively ended scheduled Tranquility raiding until the expansion hits.

There will still be some 10 mans run, if people sign up or anyone wants to run it… but effectively, I think Avi is pretty much done for this tier. Maybe I can hop in on a guild 10 man if they actually happen, but to be honest, at this point I think for her I’m a little relieved. With the lack of core folks showing up for the past few weeks, raids just haven’t been as fun as they used to be. Maeve? Sure, I’ll probably find her pug raids here and there, but not sure about Avi.

So I think it might be time for some alt-love! I’ve already got Meilanith, my priest on Lightbringer, ready to go. Tonight I fired up a new wee goblin shaman on Deathwing. Lil Minalyrith joined up with Rob in the Horderlies guild. You know that weird moment when you realize that you just joined a totally new guild and already follow the GM on Twitter? Yeah, I had one of those. heh (Hai Hoofit!)

I’m kinda looking forward to my WoW time being spent with alts for the next little while. I don’t actually often want to play alts, so you can tell how stale this tier has become for me. This should be a nice change of pace until Mists!

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