Rollin’ With Mah Horderlies

Last night, Mina got the awesome chance to get her little Goblin butt in to Dragon Soul with the guild. What a fun time!

I think she managed to pull her weight just fine, thanks to the lucky drops in LFR last week. Her rings and such still leave something to be desired, but hopefully it went well enough to get her an invite back in to their raids again!

She even healed on Spine. Which was – interesting, and somewhat terrifying. I’ve only ever healed that fight in LFR, and that wasn’t even on this particular toon. The numbers weren’t all that impressive for her there, but she managed to help keep people alive even without healing gear, so we’ll call it a win overall. 😉

Came out of there with a few new pieces of gear, which is very exciting. So a special hug going out to all the folks in the Horderlies that I was lucky enough to raid with. It was an absolute blast -you guys are a great group. 🙂

Pug Raiding Technicalities

So, in the interest of trying to find something to do tonight – and not having any sort of regularly scheduled raiding at the moment – I decided that I would go out and see about getting in to a pug. Avi’s got heroic experience, so finding a DS isn’t a huge deal… Just needed to find one that actually wanted to do *some* heroics at least.

I got in to one, a mostly guild run, and the folks seemed super nice. Vent was friendly, and one of the tanks was a woman so I actually felt comfortable speaking instead of sticking to raid chat.

Things moved along fairly well. We even nearly got heroic Yor’sahj down, but the pug healer couldn’t quite manage the healing debuff. C’est la vie. Normal kills are fine when I’m just killing time! Not only that, but these guys were a fun group, and were wanting me to come back to join them in the future since I don’t have anything set up on a weekly basis for now.

However, the issues started after we killed Warmaster. The mage in group (also a pug) rolled on some side-grade boots, and won because nobody else wanted them. He then also rolled on the tier helm that dropped. He won the roll, but out of “fairness”, the master looter decided that the (guild) rogue would receive the tier because the mage had won the previous item. Obviously, this didn’t go over so well. There was nothing laid out like that at the beginning of raid, everything was simply open roll. Granted, the mage was kind of a jerk about it in vent (hello profanity and super offensive insults), but I could completely see his point. I would have been ticked off if I was in his shoes. He left, and we went on to kill Spine with 9 people.

Stuff kind of hit the fan after that. The agility trinket dropped, and holy loot drama. This was *entirely* guild-centred. The rogue, hunter, and bear tank all rolled. The rogue won the roll. I watched this all unfold with a mix of amusement and that “can’t look away from the train-wreck” sort of feeling. By the loot master’s own definitions, the loot *should* have been passed to the hunter, who had the next highest roll, because the rogue had just won tier. And the hunter argued this. The bear tank started complaining because that was the only piece of gear he wanted from this whole run. It was a big mess of every single bit of loot whining on the books.

In the midst of all this, the pug healer left, and I called it quits myself. It’s after 1AM, and I’m not going to sit around bothering to see if they can find two more people – including a healer – to kill Deathwing. I don’t need loot, and I sure don’t need to listen to all that.

Moral of the story: if you’re going to pug people in to your run full of mostly guild members, make loot rules clear at the beginning. I think it’s awesome if you do fair loot distribution in your guild. That’s perfect, and it makes for an evenly geared raid team. But if you don’t *tell* people that pug in this fact, there is going to be issues. If I had been denied a piece of loot that I needed because off the off-spec boots I had just won, I would have had something to say about it too.

Oh, and the controversy between guildies over a piece of loot? Not exactly inspiring me to join you again another week. Just throwing that out there. 😉

Hey, Training Dummies!

So a couple of great guys from the Horderlies, the guild that Mina is lucky enough to be a part of, are kicking off a new podcast called The Training Dummies.

You can hear their personal intros in Episode 0, an awesome “getting to know you” session. They’ll be giving info on tanking (Hoofit), DPS (Hotpox), and healing (Hend).

Check it out, and make sure to watch for future episodes!

The Training Dummies

I’ll have this listed in my sidebar, but I highly suggest following @trainingdummies on Twitter!

Goblin Fashion – So Cute!

It was Loot Day for Mina today! LFR paid dividends, and the trinket dropped in Well of Eternity. Starting to rock along pretty well now, that’s for sure. 🙂

And strangely enough, I actually *like* the shaman tier shoulders for her! I have never worn this current tier and not taken every opportunity to transmog. Her bank is completely full of transmog items – literally – and I’m not even going to touch the shoulders. I think they’re adorable!


I’m going to need to do something about the belt, and either hide my cloak or pick one for transmog… but overall, this is just way too cute at the moment to change.

I’m having a ton of fun with this little girl. Looking forward to getting the opportunity to hop in to a real raid and not just LFR at some point!

Max Horde Toon – Complete

On June 1st, I started a new alt so that I could have a max level Horde toon to play with lovely twitter folks who aren’t Alliance.

Last night, or I suppose this morning if we’re being technical, Minalyrith hit 85. I had reached 80 on Friday, and knew that I could push through the weekend to finish off the levelling. So last night I did!

Today, thanks to Rob’s amazing generousity, I had enough gear to hop in to Hour of Twilight heroics. A little bit more gear and a lovely surprise of a 397 belt, and it was off to do LFR.

Unfortunately, my luck in getting gear to drop — or win a roll if it does — seems to be as bad as ever. Even with other people to roll on my tokens, or weapons, I still came out of all 8 bosses with only a tier head piece. Although, I suppose that’s better than I normally do. One is more than zero! 😉

I’m looking forward to getting rid of my low ilvl blue trinkets. Hopefully that will come soon. Just need the reset on Tuesday, and then it’s back to LFR to try again.


Now THAT’s a Dagger

The other day, Mina made it to Northrend and started the long grind of queuing up and *only* running Utgarde Keep for a while. That place sure does get dull fast. 😉

But, on the first run through, she picked up Keleseth’s Blade of Evocation to hold on to until it could be used at level 70. It wasn’t until I was able to equip it that I realized that this was one HECK of a dagger!


I’m a shaman with a sword! This is definitely being kept for transmog purposes. I love how it looks with the little Goblin!

Speaking of transmog, I’ve been keeping basically every single piece of mail gear that drops or comes from a quest reward. My bank was crying until I got a wonderful “donation” of some good sized bags to store things in. (Thanks Rob!)

So we’re at level 71 now. So far, only one death to Alliance NPCs – I apparently flew a little bit too close to Star’s Rest and they took offense to that. I’m sure it won’t be the last! lol Also coming up on finishing all six Horde repuations. Just Thunder Bluff left to go, and I believe I’m almost done with that. Those tabards sure do make it easy when you run dungeons as much as I do. 🙂


A Whole New World

Well well, lookie here:


It’s a goblin on a Blue Wind Rider!

That’s right, thanks to the help of a wonderful fellow Horderlies member, Mina has reached level 60!

So we are off to Outland to do some actual questing. Haven’t really quested much along the way so far, so it might be a nice change of pace. Still going to be queuing for dungeons, of course, because they’re fun… but since I’ll actually have quests to fill queue times with, I’ll actually go DPS for the dungeon runs. I’ve been healing for the most part since level 30 so that I’m not stuck standing around with a long wait time, so time for something a little different. 🙂

Here’s hoping I can manage to stay away from Alliance areas and avoid getting killed too often. 😉

The Wee Goblin

My journey in to Horde is progressing well. Yesterday I was able to transfer a toon from Lightbringer and sent over a set of heirlooms. It’s all cloth, because I can use that both for my shaman and for the priest that I transferred and will level once I finally get Mina to 85. But experience boosts are experience boosts, right? 🙂

I’m mainly running dungeons at this point. I’ve tried questing, but I’m feeling extremely lost not being on Alliance. It seems painfully slow to be questing when I’m not sure how to get where I’m supposed to go! haha So once I got to level 30, I dual specced Mina in to Resto so that I could get faster queues and I can just level mostly via dungeons. I have never played a resto shaman at such a low level, and let me tell you – it’s kind of odd to only have healing wave. No HoT, no AoE… Thank goodness for Earth Shield!

So I’m up to level 36 with Mina now. That’s 11 levels since yesterday, so we’re moving along nicely. 🙂 Time to queue again and keep this moving!

Adventures of a Disc Priest

When I started up a priest this time around, I sort of knew in the back of my head that I was going to stay away from Shadow – at least at first. I had tried it before and not quite felt the vibe, so maybe I would just save it for later. Added to this idea was the fact that I am leveling her along-side an elemental shaman, and a healer would be nice for queue times.

When I hit level 10, I chose Discipline without much hesitation. And you know, aside from needing to drink a *lot* in some dungeons, it’s been pretty darn fun so far! She’s still just a baby toon, so there’s a long way to go, but I like what I see. I’m pretty close to getting Atonement, and I think that’s just going to be a real kick.

When I was leveling my druid, I did dungeons with her as Resto – but I don’t recall enjoying it quite this much. This, now this is some fun healing for me. Plus, I just got introduced to mouseover macros the other day. Ho-ly crow. I’m having a blast with Mei.

However, I’m still unsure about the talents/glyphs for her. I’m not even certain of good Disc resources. So any of you out there play Disc and have words of advice as I move along with her? Or maybe just care to point me in the right direction? 🙂