What a Wednesday!

Yesterday was a big achievement day for me. 🙂

I started out by finishing off my Netherwing rep. I knew I could finish it yesterday with only a few eggs after my dailies done, and boy was I counting them down! When I saw that *last egg* that I needed, I think I stopped breathing until I had it collected and knew for sure that none of the other egg farmers out there was going to get to it first! 🙂 That added a shiny new six mounts to my collection. With the purchase of a new PvP mount, my grand total was up to 99.

Last night was also my “run of choice” for winning our mini-contest of “Most Improved DPS” on heroic Ultraxion. I had picked ICC25 Heroic, because all I needed to finish that meta was the heroic wings. In just a short while:

and 10000!(It wasn’t until I grabbed this screenshot today that I realized yesterday brought me to an even 10,000 achievement points – how cool!)

The Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher is pretty neat looking for a dead dragon:

But it ALL, even the Netherwing drakes, paled in comparison to this. I have loved this mount ever since I first saw it, and often wondered if I would ever be able to reach the important 100 mounts mark. And now I have. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my favourite mount in this game. The Blue Dragonhawk:

so pretty!

Bonus extra Dragonhawk pet to follow us around! You can bet that you will find me on this mount ALL the time now. 😀

Raiding, rep, and other fun stuff

This weekend was rather chock full of random things for me.

I had my regularly scheduled raid on Friday and Saturday nights. Things did not go… quite as well as planned. To begin with, we were missing some key core raiders – the loss of that DPS can be quite noticeable on some fights. Add to that the *want* to push new heroic progression bosses, but a little lack of gear and the aforementioned missing raiders, and my stress level was kinda high. But, I was back for raid on Saturday, and despite even more people not showing up, we still managed to at least clear one of the heroic bosses we already had experience killing, and mopped up the instance. Alas, still no shield!!!

A couple of wonderful guildies and I are also working on cleaning up the last of our Glory of the Hero achieves. I have two left right now, and I’m very much looking forward to getting my Red Proto-Drake! I still don’t have a Proto, so it will be very neat for me. 🙂 That mount will also put me at a total of 93, so I’m inching my way towards that vaulted 100 mount mark. The Dragonhawk reward is one of my absolutely favourite mounts in game, and I’m bound and determined to get there.

Which leads me to my other occupation this weekend: finally working on my Netherwing rep. I got fairly lucky on finding some eggs, so I hit Revered with them yesterday. I’ll be working on farming more of those for the next while, for sure! When I’m lucky, I have a guildie who comes all the way out to Shadowmoon Valley and tools around in the mine with me, helping to call out any eggs he sees. Having a second set of eyes looking for them is handy when you’re trying to beat all those other egg farmers out there.


All in all, it was a fairly productive WoW weekend. Intersperse that with actually getting some yardwork done yesterday because we *finally* had nice weather all weekend, and I call that a win. 🙂


A Transmog Plea for the Shield

This is my shout out to the WoW gods: Please, pretty please, let the Timepiece drop off of Warmaster Blackhorn this weekend. I promise that if I can get the shield, I won’t even transmog it in to something else! I’ll proudly carry around my Timepiece and let the world know that yes, the shield did drop for Tranquility!

Look – I even have the outfit all ready to go. Bonus: I actually HAVE all these pieces already. I can transmog the rest of my gear and be ready to rock within five minutes of raid being over! I tried to tie it all together, while making sure that the rest of the outfit was just subtle enough to not overpower the shield. After all, the shield is what this is all about! 🙂



Chest: Vicious Charscale Chest

Legs: Spiritwalker’s Kilt

Feet: Vicious Charscale Boots

Waist: Cord of Dragon Sinew

Gloves: Enchanted Felscale Gloves

Shoulder: Fortified Spaulders

Mace: Brutal Gladiator’s Salvation

(Head and back hidden)


So there you have it, oh awesome powers that be. Now we just need the shield to drop, and I’m all set! 🙂

A Beautiful Day on Tatooine

Sith Avi reached level 28 over the weekend. I still had some quests left on Tatooine, but I headed over to Alderaan anyway to move my class quest along.

Once I got there, though, I realized I felt like I was rushing *myself*. I didn’t want to leave Tat before I was done all of the quests there. I actually kind of LIKE that planet. So now I’m back.

And I’m wondering how a bunch of sand dunes can be so appealing.

“Oh, my quest is out there in all that sand somewhere? Great!”

And let’s not forget the sand people!


But then I have another “oh shiny” moment, and I remember why I actually like it here. Sure, it’s gigantic, and the quests are kinda all over the place… but it’s pretty. And I’m a big fan of stuff that catches my eye like this. Places like Nar Shaddaa are just too bland for my taste.


So I’m going to be tooling around on Tatooine for a while longer, get these quests finished up. Might as well soak up the sun where I can! Who cares that I’m going to have sand *everywhere* in my ship – this is as close to a beach vacation that I’m going to have on this whole journey. 🙂