Maeve’s Big Day!

Last night was a milestone of sorts for Maeve. I had been lucky enough to have her tag along for Spine/Madness on our guild clear Saturday night, netting her the achievement for killing Deathwing on something other than LFR, and a new belt and staff.

With all that, she finally had *just* enough gear that someone might give her a second look when they were trying to find a DPS for their run through Normal Dragon Soul. So I was eagerly awaiting Tuesday reset, and finally had the chance last night to put up that advertisement in trade chat.

No sooner had I typed out “390 Ele Shaman LF fresh DS” when I had a whisper come through, and off we went!

At this point, the Maeve who previously hadn’t had much of a care in the world, finally had a bit of nerves hit. We had joined basically a guild run, and they wanted to do Heroic Morchok. Looking at her gear, blushing at the 378’s and LFR gear still lingering around, the thought of being in on a Heroic kill was suddenly overwhelming. I know my stomach flipped a little.

But we forged ahead. They were aware of the lacking gear and wanted us to go anyway. So okay! Let’s get this party started.

And sure enough, Maeve received her first achievement for a Heroic kill in Dragon Soul. And a heroic belt. The night was off to a fairly pleasing start. 🙂

After that, things became less daunting as we turned back to regular difficulty to continue on. It was much more comfortable, both as far as the fights went, and with the raid group. I finally piped something up in vent, after listening to the casual banter and sharing some whispers of my DS experience with the raid leader.

Maeve picked up a grand total of FOUR new pieces of gear from that run last night. It was astounding. And actually rather amusing for everyone by the time the third one dropped – this was a guild run, after all. 😉 Just so happened that there were things she could use that nobody else could – ie: the mail caster belt. She only actually rolled on one thing, which was the Insignia trinket when it dropped, and the shadow priest won the roll. The things she actually got were rather default.

I am absolutely grateful to them for letting Maeve join their run. I even said I would join them on their Firelands run that they will be doing for staff items if they were short a DPS, just as a way to really say thank you.

And now I suppose I’m off to take care of Maeve’s gear… She sure does take advantage of my wallet sometimes. 🙂


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