A Priest is Born

So, this great dude on Twitter (hai Rob!) decided that he was going to roll an elemental shaman. He asked if I would roll a new toon and level with him – but of course!

But then the dilemma hit: What on earth would I play?

I’ve already got my two elemental shamans. I have a max level hunter and druid, both which are really more “profession” toons, because I never really got good enough at them to do any sort of heroics/raiding/etc. I have a mage who is stuck in the mid-sixties levels, because – I don’t know, she’s kinda fun but I guess I haven’t quite got the feel for her yet. I am kind of intrigued by my warlock, but I was levelling her with my Wolfe, so she’s sort of on hold right now until he is able to play again.

Ultimately, I decided to roll a priest. Now, this could go really well, or not so much. I have made (and deleted) priests before, though admittedly that was a while ago. The last priest I deleted, I didn’t want to bother re-learning when the talent trees changed, and wanted an extra spot for something (a failed rogue experiment). Could things go different now?

Today Meilanith, a Night Elf priest, started her journey in to the world. If nothing else, it will be interesting! She’s equipped with an heirloom staff and trinket for now – nothing with an experience boost because my levelling partner is starting off without any heirlooms. I look forward to seeing how her story unfolds! 🙂

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