A Healing Adventure

As you can tell, I am always a caster. I healed in EQ2, and found it too stressful. I’ve been playing casters-only (well, except for my brief Hunter-tryout) for the last … 4 years or so. I’ve always *had* a resto off-spec, but aside from things like Dreamwalker back during Wrath days – and one night of too much wine when I decided to heal an ICC 10m and actually did fine lol – I never use it.

However, I’ve picked up some off-spec gear from raids, because we’ve pretty much geared everyone’s main specs with 397 level loot. That means that I have two pieces of resto tier. I also have a Maw of the Dragonlord and a Seal of the Seven Signs. When I decided that I would actually try healing an LFR, I picked up a Reflection of the Light from the vendor (something to spend Valor Points on, yay!). I have spirit on most of my gear, but the extra from the trinket with an easy use-effect seemed like a good idea for now.

Yesterday, I went through both halves of LFR as a healer to see how it felt. I queued with two other healing guildmates, just in case I was *terrible* they would at least be there backing me up. I actually came out ahead! Hey, this isn’t so bad! Once the LFR was done, they swapped toons – one to his DK tank, the other to her priest – so we could queue for a random heroic and see how it felt in a smaller group. Things went fairly well, but I was still a little wary of over-stating my capabilities when my tank is fully raid geared. 😉

Today, however, I bucked up and waited until I saw the healer bonus for queue. If I was going to go in alone, I was going to get one of those darn satchels if we made it through! And so I did it. And you know what? It wasn’t terrible. I actually did fine, nobody died, and it was fairly painless. I think I’ll be okay to do this more often.

I give tons of credit to my buddy Elliaana, who is our main raiding resto shammy, for giving me the inspiration to even try it. The faith from her and her hubby (the aforementioned DK who put his life in my hands lol) led me down this road, when the idea of me healing anything sent everyone else – namely now-reunited guildies from back in Wrath days with Dark Legacy – in to fits of laughter. I was laughing along with them, so no ill-will or anything, don’t get me wrong. But I’m glad I decided to try it now.

Especially for those Satchels of Exotic Mysteries. I plan to get a lot more of those! 🙂

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