Avi’s New Transmog

In honour of my acquisition of the Heroic Ward of the Red Widow, I made a new transmog set. I’ve been running around in a slightly incomplete version of it, with placeholder gloves, until today when the right ones finally dropped. So today, I figured I would share it with you!

While obviously the easy solution would have been to transmog the shield to fit my last outfit (which I quite enjoyed), it was time for a change and this was the perfect reason for it. Allow me to present my “Tribute to Heroic Ward” Transmog Set.


One of the really neat things I noticed about this after the fact was how this particular shield works with Power Torrent.  I am constantly disappointed with the fact that PT shows up on top of transmog weapons – it really ruins the look of the weapon itself, and I hope that upcoming enchants don’t feature the same sort of visual effect. At any rate, the little orbs on Heroic Ward give off a kind of rotating orange/pink type glow.  So looking at my character from behind, the glow of the shield tends to “match” the glow from PT.

The simplicity of this outfit is one of the things I like about it. It feels basic and elegant, to me, when I see Avi wearing it. And it was high time for a new outfit anyway! 😉


Shoulders: Spiked Chain Shoulder Pads

Chest: Furious Gladiator’s Ringmail Armor

Hands: Lightning-Charged Gloves

Belt: Blue Belt of Chaos

Weapon: Morningstar of Heroic Will (H)

Shield: Ward of the Red Widow (H)

~Chest and back hidden. Feet and legs are not altered due to not being visible in my robe.

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