This Thing Called D3

So Diablo 3 released yesterday. I had many, many friends who were anxiously anticipating this – taken time off work, etc.

I have a copy of it because I signed up for the annual pass in WoW. I have never played Diablo before at all, it’s just never struck my fancy. But some folks convinced me to at least download it, so I did. And as I looked at my realID list yesterday and saw everyone and their dog playing D3, I figured I would try and made myself a wizard.

Yesterday was terrible. I don’t know if it was server lag or what, but I couldn’t cast stuff most of the time. It’s working fine today, so that’s what is leading me to think it was something related to the servers – which, if you haven’t been cut off from social media/etc in the past 36 hours, you know were having MANY issues since the game launched.

I got my little wizard to level 7 today, though I’m not sure how. I’m kind of out of my element in this game and I don’t seem to be connecting with it at all. But I was trying. Until I hit this cathedral. And wow, did I get shown just how little I know.

I have had my wizard-butt killed and sent back to the start of the cathedral repeatedly. I even have health potions that I’m using, but when you die faster than the CD on them – they’re not exactly helping.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong at this point. But I do know that I wish people weren’t so MIA in WoW right now. I just want to log in and chill with my guildies – except there’s been all of 3 or 4 people online these last two days.

On the bright side, at least I can log in to Diablo long enough to approve any new Battletag requests, so that I can still chat with folks as they play while I tool around somewhere in WoW. šŸ™‚

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