Quick Monday Update

Yesterday was a mix of real-life and gaming awesome.

My Wolfe actually managed to call me from Basic. I had received a super-quick email from him last week, but that was it in the last month. So when my phone started playing his ring-tone yesterday, I could hardly believe it. I actually paced the entire 7 minutes we were on the phone because I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Then I got nabbed for a Heroic Firelands last night. I’ve not been a regular on the optional Firelands runs, because I find that if I add too much to my regular raiding schedule, I can start to burn out pretty quickly. But I was in such a good mood last night that when they needed one more dps, I jumped right in! And I’m so glad I did.


That’s right – courtesy of Heroic Beth’tilac, I actually have a new shield! I had still been running with a 378 due to terrible luck in LFR, and a near zero drop-rate on Warmaster for our raid. The Heroic Ward of the Red Widow was a much appreciated upgrade for me! I had this baby gemmed/enchanted and equipped before I even left Beth’s area. hehe

I actually like the look of this new shield, too, so I’m in the process of forming a new transmog set around it. It almost worked with my current outfit, but any excuse to make a new one, right? 😉


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