A Surprising Toon Connection

Ever since I saw the female Pandaren models, I’ve been looking forward to having one. As an added bonus, they can be shaman!

Since I already have two shaman on my main server (and a few more left scattered across others… shh!), I was fully intending to race-change Maeve to a Panda when Mists hit. She was originally a Goblin, so unlike Avi – who has been the same since the day I started playing WoW – I felt it was a good option.

However, last night I realized something. Maeve was standing around Stormwind looking for something to do, and I felt a little twist at the idea of changing who she was. I like her. She feels like she has a story.

Now this was a strange thing for me. I have never really been much of an RP sort of person. My characters don’t have big intricate back stories (though, don’t get me wrong, I think the folks that have the creativity to do that kind of thing are amazing!). But apparently, I’ve done at least a bit of this sub-consciously.

Maeve feels like Avi’s much younger sister. Avi slowly and cautiously made her way through the new world she found herself in, opening up to new adventures over time and learning as she went along. Maeve, with her cute pigtails and sassy go-get-’em outfits, took the knowledge Avi had spent time learning and ran full steam ahead with it.

Maeve jumps in to things without a second thought, ready to take on the world at every opportunity. She’ll see some folks heading off to slay a dragon and call out “Wait for me!”

Maeve is a direct counter-point to Avi, who lives by a schedule and a plan. Avi knows what she’s after and considers how to accomplish her goals. She is constantly fine-tuning her knowledge and carefully trying new things to see if it might work better than what she’s done before. All of the hard work that Avi does, Maeve takes in without much effort and then she’s out the door again.

I never actually *knew* this until last night. I didn’t realize just the sort of impact these girls had on me. It appears that Maeve won’t, in fact, be receiving a race change after all.

And I think I’ll have to clear up a character slot for a third – Pandaren – shaman. 😉


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