Raiding, rep, and other fun stuff

This weekend was rather chock full of random things for me.

I had my regularly scheduled raid on Friday and Saturday nights. Things did not go… quite as well as planned. To begin with, we were missing some key core raiders – the loss of that DPS can be quite noticeable on some fights. Add to that the *want* to push new heroic progression bosses, but a little lack of gear and the aforementioned missing raiders, and my stress level was kinda high. But, I was back for raid on Saturday, and despite even more people not showing up, we still managed to at least clear one of the heroic bosses we already had experience killing, and mopped up the instance. Alas, still no shield!!!

A couple of wonderful guildies and I are also working on cleaning up the last of our Glory of the Hero achieves. I have two left right now, and I’m very much looking forward to getting my Red Proto-Drake! I still don’t have a Proto, so it will be very neat for me. πŸ™‚ That mount will also put me at a total of 93, so I’m inching my way towards that vaulted 100 mount mark. The Dragonhawk reward is one of my absolutely favourite mounts in game, and I’m bound and determined to get there.

Which leads me to my other occupation this weekend: finally working on my Netherwing rep. I got fairly lucky on finding some eggs, so I hit Revered with them yesterday. I’ll be working on farming more of those for the next while, for sure! When I’m lucky, I have a guildie who comes all the way out to Shadowmoon Valley and tools around in the mine with me, helping to call out any eggs he sees. Having a second set of eyes looking for them is handy when you’re trying to beat all those other egg farmers out there.


All in all, it was a fairly productive WoW weekend. Intersperse that with actually getting some yardwork done yesterday because we *finally* had nice weather all weekend, and I call that a win. πŸ™‚


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