A Beautiful Day on Tatooine

Sith Avi reached level 28 over the weekend. I still had some quests left on Tatooine, but I headed over to Alderaan anyway to move my class quest along.

Once I got there, though, I realized I felt like I was rushing *myself*. I didn’t want to leave Tat before I was done all of the quests there. I actually kind of LIKE that planet. So now I’m back.

And I’m wondering how a bunch of sand dunes can be so appealing.

“Oh, my quest is out there in all that sand somewhere? Great!”

And let’s not forget the sand people!


But then I have another “oh shiny” moment, and I remember why I actually like it here. Sure, it’s gigantic, and the quests are kinda all over the place… but it’s pretty. And I’m a big fan of stuff that catches my eye like this. Places like Nar Shaddaa are just too bland for my taste.


So I’m going to be tooling around on Tatooine for a while longer, get these quests finished up. Might as well soak up the sun where I can! Who cares that I’m going to have sand *everywhere* in my ship – this is as close to a beach vacation that I’m going to have on this whole journey. 🙂

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