It’s been a Minecraft kind of week for me. Apparently that egg-hunting created a need for a WoW break – until raid tomorrow, of course, nothing extreme. 😉

Wolfe found us a new server the other day. It’s been kind of an interesting experience for me, because until now it’s just been us playing together on a small local-host server. This one is, like, giant in comparison.

Granted, we still struck out in to the middle of nowhere and set up our own little house, farm, etc – but it’s still cool knowing there are other folks out there if we wanted to interact. And since he goes away to basic in a few days, he said he wanted to know that I would still have a place to play while he was gone that wasn’t JUST a solo player thing.

And so, le Minecraft.

I find it fun in ways I really can’t explain. I’m still fairly new, but I’m learning. I made my own skin back when I started playing, so even my minecraft toon has purdy green eyes. Me likey!

But coming from someone who, in WoW, hates to fish or farm ANY sort of materials, it’s so-very-weird to me that I will dig myself a tunnel from the basement and go mine for hours on end, happy as a clam, while I chat with Wolfe in vent. Or I’ll go out and collect wood, though with *slightly* less vigor than mining, because I’m not quite as skilled as he is at killing those darn creepers that always show up when I’m staring up at a tree. Or SAND collecting – oh, I’ll do that too! I’ll make you more glass than you’ll ever need.

And I’ll love every minute of it. ^_^

I had a major farm going before we moved to this server. With multi-coloured sheep (every colour!) that were SO PRETTY. And it was kind of a pain, too… considering I had no cocoa beans, so I had to roam far and wide to find a brown sheep. And then *even farther* to find cactus, because apparently we were absolutely nowhere near a desert. At ALL. It was wild. But it was so fun. Chickens and sheep and cows and pigs – oh my!

I like creative mode occasionally too… cause i like building things like this:


All in all, it’s just darn FUN – even though it’s such a departure from my normal enjoyment. 😛

But why do you CARE?

“You’re not a feminist, why are you getting your panties in a twist?”

So not kidding, folks. Thus, in response…

You’re right – I do not take the label of feminist. Local culture defines interpretation of everything (rightly or wrongly). In my case, a lot of my choices, opinions, and general “all that I am” conflict with said life-long experiences for the definition of that term – and that means this isn’t a word I use to define myself.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t object to things that EVERYONE on the face of this earth should object to. Things like sexism, racism, or anything like that. Or a valid point being kicked around like the person behind it (not to mention the underlying CAUSE behind the point) means nothing.

When I see something like that, it’s really hard not to speak up (unless, of course, it’s in defense of myself, ie: my recent TOR experiences).

When I come across someone that has been brave enough to make a statement about something that bothered her, and the response to it was to make a giant mockery of it via a *business* blog, I’m going to say something. I will call out that company. Even if I wouldn’t have thought twice about the object in question – the blatant disrespect of the way a “professional” company handled a situation will light my fire.

At the same time, I get irked by personal disrespect too. It doesn’t have to be a corporation. I made reference to this before, in regards to a concern over sexism in some beta wow quest text. The situation wouldn’t have bothered me, but the response did. Because it *should*.

You don’t have to be a feminist to understand treating people with respect. You don’t have to be ANY sort of label to expect that. Well, ideally, simply being human would make people understand – but we’re light years from that ever happening.

This applies to any sort of scenario. Just because you aren’t offended by something, doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone else that you just hurt in the process. I know I’ve said stupid things in the past — and I very likely will in the future. Things that may have hurt someone, *even though that wasn’t my intention*. But you know what you do in those scenarios? You apologize and consider this new angle that was brought to light. You don’t brush it under the rug because it has never offended anyone before. This is not a case of “the needs of many outweighing the needs of the few.” There is no NEED to offend anyone. It is not a life-or-death situation for you to be offensive just for the sake of it.

So if you want to ask why I jump all over these sorts of issues, it’s because of the way people respond. It’s because I’m tired of people’s opinions being skewed by responses full of misunderstanding – and sometimes even absolute hatred. It is that sort of response that makes it so hard for people like myself to actually speak up initially.

Respect those around you. That’s all I ask.

“May we learn together the lessons that give us peace and a giving spirit, that we may be of value to others.”

So long, Noblegarden!

Don’t get me wrong… I like achievements, thus I enjoy the holiday events. But that is strictly a single-toon domain – Luna, Cyn, none of my alts do things like get the Meta.

Unfortunately for me, Avi also likes mounts – and pets, tbh. So what happens at Noblegarden this year? I’m collecting [insert bad word] eggs again. And guess what? In true “nothing comes easy for this toon” fashion (do you know how long I fished for that darn seahorse pet?), not a single egg that I opened contained the mount. I got to farm all 500 chocolates for that bad boy.

I stared at this for HOURS today:

Me in all my purple bunny goodness, watching my Creepy Crate munch on all the unsuspecting rabbits hopping around – because I needed some sort of entertainment.

But of course, not every egg has a chocolate. Oh no… I actually collected 528 eggs all together – with an amazing abundance of things that I really didn’t need:

Spring Robe x3
White Tuxedo Shirt x3
Black Tuxedo Pants x4
Spring Circlet
Elegant Dress x2
Spring Flowers x2
Blossoming Branch x7
Spring Rabbit’s Foot x6 (hey, at least all my alts get bunnies?)

All for this. Which I don’t even really LIKE, but dang it, I could get it.

It will just never replace my trusty War Talbuk. 😛

Those amazingly vindicating kills

You know when you’ve been bashing your head against the wall to kill a boss?

Yeah, we were at that point in our herioc progression. We were stuck at the “button boss”, and couldn’t kill Ultraxion for a few weeks.

Tonight, we FINALLY did it. Sure, I was sitting there every six seconds saying things like “Hour of Twilight, group one”.. “Fading light”… “Fading light”… “Fading light”… “Hour of Twilight, group two”…

But the fact of the matter is, IT IS FINALLY DONE.

And thus, Tranquility is 4/8 Heroic. For a fairly casual guild (we really don’t raid that many hours per week), this is kinda huge for us as a 25m raiding group. And it feels damn good.

Grats to everyone in guild on that kill. 🙂

And so it ends…

As optimistic as I was for TOR working out… I logged in today hopeful to be there for tonight’s raid.

However, I was confronted with a whisper of “what the hell could have happened that was worth losing two of our best dps?”

And no matter what I said, it was apparently “not a big deal”. Nevermind the fact that *I* wasn’t the person who kicked the offender from guild. Nevermind that it was NOT my decision — I had merely messaged our GM that I was going to step back because of the conflict. Nevermind that HE decided that it was more important to kick an egotistical, sexist jackass than lose one of his trusted officers.

No, no… it’s MY fault. it’s all my fault. because I dared accept the fact that i was standing up for myself by even saying something rather than just leaving without a word.

So I’m done. I gave my resignation, messaged my GM on facebook, and that was the end of that. Which also, for the time being at least, ends my TOR career. And that makes me sad, because I did enjoy the game – and I enjoyed TOR Avi. She was fun – and was apparently getting some Consular love in the next patch.

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles, right?

See you in WoW. 🙂

Cooling stands/fans

Putting the call out for suggestions – I need a new cooling stand for my laptop. The one I have currently (which has lasted a lot longer than I thought it would considering how little I paid for it) is starting to bite the bullet and making WAY too much noise for my liking.

Must have a fan. My laptop does a pretty darn good job alone, but in extended gaming sessions, extra cooling never hurts anything – especially in the land of no air-conditioners. Doesn’t really matter if it has a tilt to it, as the laptop itself is designed that way. Needs to be able to adequately support this beast that I haul around even though it’s probably too large to really be called a *laptop* (17.3″ display).

Preferably will not require an additional power source (USB connection is nice) – but if there’s a reasonably priced, super quiet one that works otherwise, I’m all for it.

Need to be able to purchase in (or ship to) Canada!

Feel free to email me with any links. 🙂


What do you look for?

When you’re deciding whether you even want to try playing a game (function/end-game/etc aside), what piques your interest?

The question arises since a friend asked me if I’ll be playing The Secret World. Honestly, I doubt it. It doesn’t seem like something I would be interested in. I like the fantasy aspect of my games.

Let’s face it — my very first MMO toon was a cute little Fae in EQ2. I had WINGS, man. I loved that. She was adorable and pretty, and I like fairies. 😛 I even made an Arasai, which I turned-to-the-good side, just for the slightly different character customization. Those were my favorite toons of all the ones I played in that game. Because I liked the look. 🙂

When I moved on to WoW, I made a Draenei (though I was SO sad over the loss of my wings!). Again – I like the look. It’s a break from reality when I game, and I think part of me enjoys having my toons represent that. None of my alts are humans – even if their classes could be played by one. I have Draenei and Worgens (who are *never* in their human form). I’m also fully intent on having a Pandaren toon or two.

SWTOR was borderline for me at first. The appreciation I have for Star Wars, and the fact that my friends were playing, got me started there – and light sabers and magic. But I like the Mirialan that the TOR Avi ended up being. Again, I’m really not drawn to playing a Human. Or even a Cyborg, really. Twi’lek? Sure – if I can ever bring myself to level *again* in that game.

So clearly, a definite fantasy element is involved for me to immerse myself. I don’t want to play a human – I do that IRL, thanks. 😉 The Secret World, to me, seems too “realistic”. When the game world looks like the real world, it doesn’t grip me. If people are running around hacking at mobs with chainsaws, I’m more turned off than I am intrigued.

Beta feedback/Sexism in WoW

Because my response to this whole thing can’t be contained in a twitter post. And because I don’t feel like dealing with the ridiculous number of tools on the MMO Champ thread, or even on the official forum thread, by posting there.

Honestly – I don’t see where some people get off on thinking that their opinions are the only ones that matter. And I don’t mean that in the sense of *some* of the posters on the aforementioned threads, don’t get me wrong.

What I am disagreeing with is the people who think that legitimate feedback has no place in a feedback forum.

I just don’t get it. Whatever happened to the idea of folks having an opinion/brain/etc? Whatever happened to that being a GOOD THING, rather than something to be ridiculed, mocked, etc?

Do I necessarily have the same offended / creeped out reaction to the quest text in question? No. But that doesn’t mean I can’t respect THEIR feelings on the issue. That doesn’t mean I can’t respect their ability to give FEEDBACK on the issue. In a forum designed for FEEDBACK on a freaking BETA of a game, to ensure that the game – when released – is released to its full potential.

I can’t help but feel like the people who are knee-jerk reacting to the post are the people out there who don’t understand social boundaries. Like they would be the guy that thinks grabbing my ass in a bar is *cool* and not warranting a slap in the damn face. (Sorry, I can’t think of an adequate female equivalent example – flirting with a guy to get him to buy drinks for her all night and then laughing and calling him stupid as she walks away?)

Yes, please feel free to weigh in and say “you know, I didn’t get that same feeling from the quest. Interesting to see other points of view, glad you brought it up!” —- because yes, balanced feedback is great when working on a beta! There is ZERO need for people to butt in to the thread and name-call, insult, otherwise-act-like-jerks. The only thing accomplished by that is to show people that you think offending people is your damn personal right, because YOU think they should feel differently about something you said or did.

Well, I’m one of the many here to tell you: No it’s bloody well not. The world isn’t here to bow to your every whim. Man, woman, ANYONE – we’re all people. People who have the right to an opinion, and to not be told to “remove a stick”, or “get laid”, or any other such completely non-constructive and downright ignorant responses (if you can even dignify them with the word ‘response’) that you can come up with.

If you don’t agree with something, and feel like stating your opinion, go for it. But doing so doesn’t have to belittle the feelings or opinions of someone else.

Because an opinion is something I can respect. Idiocy, however, I have zero tolerance for.

When you just “can’t do it”

Combine general life blah, the recent amazingly crappy stuff in game, along with a socially anxious persona to start with and you’ve got a girl who can’t even bring herself to log on to TOR right now.

As in, the very idea of logging on to raid this evening is pushing me towards an anxiety attack. Which is a new thing for me.

Not the anxiety attacks — but typically those are reserved for real life situations. Like having to be around people who aren’t in my comfort circle.

Gaming is kinda my safe-haven from that. Nobody is going to step too far in to my space bubble and make me want to cower in a corner. Until now, apparently. TOR still has the taint of guildie betrayal, and as weird as that may sound to some people, it’s very real for me. And it’s manifesting itself in a huge, giant ball of icky anxiety related to the game.

So this really sucks. WoW, TOR – those are places I retreat to for safe social interaction. Aside from people I actually know in real life that I game with, there are people very near and dear to me that I may have not met in person, but care about deeply. People who I choose to raid with because I enjoy the group activity. It’s FUN.

TOR hasn’t recovered for me yet. Not enough to get past this mental block. I won’t even open Mumble. I’m hiding on my personal vent server, which only select people have access to for a reason. It’s another safe haven.

Folks may think I’m weird. I think I know where my stress limits are. And I take care not to push them.