Kicking Friday into Gear

Friday. It’s the day of the week for me when even if I haven’t felt much like gaming, as I haven’t for the last two days, everything kicks off again.

It’s raid night tonight, so that means stopping to grab drinks and easy during-raid-snacks on my way home from work this afternoon.

Not only do I enjoy the time spent with my guildies during the raid, regardless of how frustrating a certain boss might be, but it really gets me back in to the gaming groove. I might stick around in WoW and play a different toon, or I’ll swap to a different game (TOR now that I’m playing that again).

Who knows, the weekend just might give me back that gaming feeling in itself, but it really does seem like spending time with those kick butt people is what does it. I think I tend to get a little lost in myself at times, and I start to retreat. But knowing that my guild is counting on me to show up for raid means  I don’t have that option – and making myself be there is actually good for me.

They make me laugh. They remind me that socializing (even though it may only be on vent) is a good thing. That I don’t have to hide myself in a book and avoid interaction. That there’s somewhere I can go and feel comfortable.

And I love it. So here’s to you, Friday. Here’s to raid nights and gaming time and awesome people.


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