Sightseeing in WoW

I was looking through the pics on my computer today, and realized just how much “sightseeing” I do as I’m running around questing or whatnot. I don’t go out actively looking for things, but I wind up with a lot of “ooooh shiny!” moments where I just have to stop and take a screenshot.

Figured I would share some of those with you guys today, as I let my thoughts regroup from other things.

I love this from Uldum:


And this somewhat gloomy shot of Dalaran, with the ominous sky of Icecrown:


The bright colours at Therazane’s Throne:


The sun over Stormwind Harbour:


I’ll leave you with a shot of Tempest Keep and the sky over Netherstorm:


I have so many more screenshots that I could share, we would be here all day if I tried to show all of my favourite ones. Views in Uldum alone (quite possibly one of my favourite looking zones) could be its own post.

Do you find yourself really taking in the sights while you’re out questing? Do you ever just have to stop and get screenshots? Or do you find that it sort of fades in to the background?

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