A day with Maeve

Sometimes, it’s nice to just take some time out with an alt. For me today, it was about keeping my brain occupied somewhere else, but at the same time not doing something that would be too mentally stressful.

So I spent the day with Maeve, taking things in at a much more leisurely pace than I normally experience.

We started the day doing an End Time run, because let’s face it, she really needs to get rid of her 359. (no dice today either, though). I thought perhaps I’d queue for another dungeon, so I fired up the random queue. Well of Eternity – ah, okay, pretty darn simple. Famous last words. On the first Legion Demon, Maeve did 55% of the damage, AND the tank died. (we were all ready to pull, too, btw) Factoring in the “no more mental stress” mentioned above – I left and decided to find something else to do.

Her tailoring wasn’t maxed yet, so I took a look at that. Realized we would need some more volatile fire to finish it. THEN realized that since she used to be horde, she didn’t have access to the Twilight Highlands portal where we should have headed to fish. Et voila – a new activity was born. It was my first time doing these quests where it wasn’t a necessary part of levelling, just wanting to be 85. We leisurely poked our way through the questline, until we finally opened up the portal. We’ll go back and quest through the zone another time. Finally time to go fish up those volatile fire.

After that, we were off to Deepholm. I love the look of that zone, I really do. The pretty glowing colours just thrill me. Find our way to the troggs to farm the necessary embersilk – we still needed 50 bolts more. We eventually got all of our cloth, and some bonus green drops for us to DE.

Rounded out her afternoon with some new enchants on her gear, and we’d passed some wonderful time doing random things. I think later we might go and join the guild for their weekly LFR, because that still holds some useful gear. 🙂

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