It’s been a Minecraft kind of week for me. Apparently that egg-hunting created a need for a WoW break – until raid tomorrow, of course, nothing extreme. 😉

Wolfe found us a new server the other day. It’s been kind of an interesting experience for me, because until now it’s just been us playing together on a small local-host server. This one is, like, giant in comparison.

Granted, we still struck out in to the middle of nowhere and set up our own little house, farm, etc – but it’s still cool knowing there are other folks out there if we wanted to interact. And since he goes away to basic in a few days, he said he wanted to know that I would still have a place to play while he was gone that wasn’t JUST a solo player thing.

And so, le Minecraft.

I find it fun in ways I really can’t explain. I’m still fairly new, but I’m learning. I made my own skin back when I started playing, so even my minecraft toon has purdy green eyes. Me likey!

But coming from someone who, in WoW, hates to fish or farm ANY sort of materials, it’s so-very-weird to me that I will dig myself a tunnel from the basement and go mine for hours on end, happy as a clam, while I chat with Wolfe in vent. Or I’ll go out and collect wood, though with *slightly* less vigor than mining, because I’m not quite as skilled as he is at killing those darn creepers that always show up when I’m staring up at a tree. Or SAND collecting – oh, I’ll do that too! I’ll make you more glass than you’ll ever need.

And I’ll love every minute of it. ^_^

I had a major farm going before we moved to this server. With multi-coloured sheep (every colour!) that were SO PRETTY. And it was kind of a pain, too… considering I had no cocoa beans, so I had to roam far and wide to find a brown sheep. And then *even farther* to find cactus, because apparently we were absolutely nowhere near a desert. At ALL. It was wild. But it was so fun. Chickens and sheep and cows and pigs – oh my!

I like creative mode occasionally too… cause i like building things like this:


All in all, it’s just darn FUN – even though it’s such a departure from my normal enjoyment. 😛

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