So long, Noblegarden!

Don’t get me wrong… I like achievements, thus I enjoy the holiday events. But that is strictly a single-toon domain – Luna, Cyn, none of my alts do things like get the Meta.

Unfortunately for me, Avi also likes mounts – and pets, tbh. So what happens at Noblegarden this year? I’m collecting [insert bad word] eggs again. And guess what? In true “nothing comes easy for this toon” fashion (do you know how long I fished for that darn seahorse pet?), not a single egg that I opened contained the mount. I got to farm all 500 chocolates for that bad boy.

I stared at this for HOURS today:

Me in all my purple bunny goodness, watching my Creepy Crate munch on all the unsuspecting rabbits hopping around – because I needed some sort of entertainment.

But of course, not every egg has a chocolate. Oh no… I actually collected 528 eggs all together – with an amazing abundance of things that I really didn’t need:

Spring Robe x3
White Tuxedo Shirt x3
Black Tuxedo Pants x4
Spring Circlet
Elegant Dress x2
Spring Flowers x2
Blossoming Branch x7
Spring Rabbit’s Foot x6 (hey, at least all my alts get bunnies?)

All for this. Which I don’t even really LIKE, but dang it, I could get it.

It will just never replace my trusty War Talbuk. 😛

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