Those amazingly vindicating kills

You know when you’ve been bashing your head against the wall to kill a boss?

Yeah, we were at that point in our herioc progression. We were stuck at the “button boss”, and couldn’t kill Ultraxion for a few weeks.

Tonight, we FINALLY did it. Sure, I was sitting there every six seconds saying things like “Hour of Twilight, group one”.. “Fading light”… “Fading light”… “Fading light”… “Hour of Twilight, group two”…

But the fact of the matter is, IT IS FINALLY DONE.

And thus, Tranquility is 4/8 Heroic. For a fairly casual guild (we really don’t raid that many hours per week), this is kinda huge for us as a 25m raiding group. And it feels damn good.

Grats to everyone in guild on that kill. 🙂

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