And so it ends…

As optimistic as I was for TOR working out… I logged in today hopeful to be there for tonight’s raid.

However, I was confronted with a whisper of “what the hell could have happened that was worth losing two of our best dps?”

And no matter what I said, it was apparently “not a big deal”. Nevermind the fact that *I* wasn’t the person who kicked the offender from guild. Nevermind that it was NOT my decision — I had merely messaged our GM that I was going to step back because of the conflict. Nevermind that HE decided that it was more important to kick an egotistical, sexist jackass than lose one of his trusted officers.

No, no… it’s MY fault. it’s all my fault. because I dared accept the fact that i was standing up for myself by even saying something rather than just leaving without a word.

So I’m done. I gave my resignation, messaged my GM on facebook, and that was the end of that. Which also, for the time being at least, ends my TOR career. And that makes me sad, because I did enjoy the game – and I enjoyed TOR Avi. She was fun – and was apparently getting some Consular love in the next patch.

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles, right?

See you in WoW. 🙂

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